Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Miss Bookworm Reviews 2014 Year Wrap Up

Well It's nearly the end of 2014 and this is the last post to close up a fantastic year with some fab books that I have enjoyed! Some books have stuck in my mind so much and I cannot stop recommending them to you all and also to my friends & family!

Here are a random selection of books that I loved in 2014:

Paige Toon Book Signings!
I saw the lovely Paige Toon Twice this year which was so exciting for me! Paige is one of my favourite Chick Lit authors and She was the first book signing I ever went to last year and It makes me want to meet so many more authors in the future!

Rainbow Rowell Book Signing!
My lovely childhood friend but also blogger friend Katie asked me to go a book signing with her in Liverpool to meet American YA writer Rainbow Rowell! She is so lovely!! Enjoyed it so much and met two other bloggers Emma & Clare too!

2nd Blogiversary
Miss Bookworm Reviews celebrated 2 year Blogiversary this September which was great fun and I am so grateful to all my followers & readers as I didn't think I would still be here blogging this year and I have met so many lovely bloggers who I can call my friends now and to be able to talk Books all the time is fab!
I also managed to achieve 1,174 followers on Twitter which is just fantastic.
Thank You!


 Me and my lovely blogger friend Katie ( @intothebookcase) came up with a great festive idea this December called Festive-Blog-Athon which went so successful and enjoyed sharing and chatting to you all throughout this month.
Huge thank you to all the Authors & Bloggers who took part in any way or form you did! Your all amazing!
Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

Hope my reviews throughout the year has got you buying so many new books and enjoying them as much as I did!
Thank you to my followers, you are all amazing!

I Think 2015 will be another busy year again with another lot of great books! I'm hoping to go to more book signings & events too! Also got a trip to London in march to meet lovely author Rebecca Raisin for a sight seeing trip hehe!
I will also be trying to blog a lot more too and try some new ideas!

Miss Bookworm Reviews wishes you all Happy New Year and bring on 2015!

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