Thursday, 18 December 2014

Festive-Blog-Athon Day Eighteen: Things To Do - Xmas Markets + Giveaway

Hello! Today's post is about Xmas Markets which is one of my favourite things to do in December. I always go every year to the Manchester Markets with my best friend, her mum and mum's friend. We started an annual thing about going to the markets & for lunch about 5years ago and I get excited about it every year!

 The Variety of different stalls always appeals to me and is great ideas for Christmas presents for family and friends. The Food is delicious too and smells amazing! Definitely got to see it for your self!

Here are some pictures I took of the markets this year..



This year I was lucky and i've been able to go twice to the Manchester Markets! I always like to collect the mugs. I would definitely recommend going to visit the Markets.
Manchester Markets run from middle of Nov (14th ish) till 21st Dec.

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!! Festive
Giveaway Time !!

I couldn't buy anything fragile for a giveaway as was worried about breaking when posting so I picked some yummy German Sweets instead. 
UK Only Giveaway!


  1. What fantastic photos. My favourite is chocolate eclair

  2. I love Christmas markets, we've had one in Salisbury for the last 3 years and sadly ours is currently in the process of being dismantled for another year.

    My all-time favourite sweets are Liquorice which was always great for me as a child as no-one else in the family liked them so i could eat the whole lot ;)