Hi Everybody! My Name Is Abbey, I am 22 years old, I currently work in retail and I am a total bookworm. I just love to read all sorts of different genres of books, i especially love my chick lit books. Im always getting called a book whether I'm at home or at work..hehe! Cant help If It's something I enjoy..eh? I was a young girl when i started getting into reading,

I started a blog so i could blog my reviews and my opinions on all different books that i read. I'm always buying new books pretty much every week. I have book shelves covered all with books that i enjoyed very much. I am always willing to try new and different authors.

I do not get paid for the reviews that i publish, It's my hobby and something that i love doing. I do have a kindle and have many books on their that i loved and enjoyed and i have many paper books too. I started my reviews by books that i had borrowed from my local library and i still currently do borrow books from the library as well as purchasing more books whether its for kindle or in paperback. I also do publish my reviews on Goodreads and on Amazon.

I read about 2 - 3 books a week and then i hope to have the book review on my blog by the end of that week. I encourage any authors or publishers to get in contact with me whether its through my blog, my Facebook page or by Email if they wish for me to review any of their books. I am always prompt at reply and i will accept any books or any genre because i love reading so much.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading so much and would love to be given the opportunity to read and review your books! If you would like me to review your book then please do get in contact at



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  1. Hi Abbey, I was wondering if you could review my debut novel Jenna's Journey? It's a romantic mystery set in Greece with lots of twists and turns.