Monday, 23 March 2015

Book Review: Cartel by Lili St. Germain

Title: Cartel
Author: Lili St. Germain
Publisher: Harpercollins
Date Published: 12th February 2015

How much is a life worth? I grew up in Colombia, the daughter of a wealthy drug lord. 
I lived a life of extravagance, until one day a drug run went horribly wrong and everything came crashing down around us. I was given away. 
A payment for a debt. 
The Gypsy Brothers Motorcycle Club became my new owners, and I did everything I could to survive. 
But falling in love with the man who owned me wasn't part of the plan ..

My Review
Thank you to Harpercollins for sending me a copy of Cartel in exchange for an honest review.

I have never read or heard of any books by Lili St. Germain before but I was intrigued to read because of the blurb. 

Wow this book blew my mind! I was hooked after reading the first couple of chapters! Everything seemed to happen all of a sudden which is a good thing because you quickly get sucked into the story.

Cartel is about Mariana who's dad is a wealthy drug lord until he messes up and costs his boss a lot of trouble, no drugs and no money to pay back. Everything comes crashing down and Mariana is given away, a payment for a debt.
Emilio is the big boss, he is not happy and wants his money, however his son Dornan Ross in charge of Gypsy Brothers Motorcyle Club becomes Mariana's new owner.. She didn't plan to fall in love with him though...

This book is amazing! I will admit I was creeped out with the violence, it was too much at times but I just couldn't put the book down. I felt really sorry for Mariana and by being owned by Dornan was scary although you could tell he was softening and was falling in love with her although he had to put a front up to his dad as he would kill her if knew the truth between them...

I cannot wait to read the next books in the series! The Cartel Trilogy is a prequel series.
I would highly recommend giving this book a go as it's something a little different to your normal erotic novel it is written so brilliantly.

Cartel is intriguing, not your typical erotic novel,a perfect bad boy to fall in love with and so amazing!!

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

Monday, 16 March 2015

Book Review: The Jackdaw by Luke Delaney

Title: The Jackdaw

Author: Luke Delaney
Publisher: Hapercollins
Publication Date: 12th March 2015

My Verdict
Yes DI Sean Corrigan is back in this fourth book by Luke Delaney! I am such a fan of Delaney's work. I was excited when I was sent a copy of The Jackdaw to read in exchange for a review from the publishers.

Wealthy Londoners are being abducted by one lone vigilante who is putting their fate in the hands of his viewers on the internet. He films the victims live online bound to a chair in a white room.. The vigilante explains their crimes of greed and why they should be punished while thousands watch and make up the jury. Once everyone votes the man who calls himself 'The Jackdaw' is the judge and executioner.
Di Sean Corrigan and his team need to work quick and fast to catch this vigilante before more people are killed...

Luke Delaney is definitely on the same par with Mark Billingham's books, Although Delaney is slowly becoming more my favourite crime/thriller author! 
The Jackdaw made me feel very creeped and I always play in my mind that these could easily happen in real life. From the first chapter I knew I was going to enjoy another book by Luke Delaney. 

It was great to catch up with Di Sean Corrigan although with this case he feels he can't get into the mind of the killer like he has done with his past cases..he has this thing where he gets deep into the case and in his mind becomes like the killer to try and understand the killer and get one step ahead, this book however Sean seems to struggle but the mystery and suspense keeps you on the edge throughout the book, I did not see the ending coming at all! Although the last chapter I felt there was something missing......which makes me eager for the next installment now!

Luke Delaney's style of writing is great because with his experience of being in the Metropolitan Police and CID dealing with high level crimes and investigated murder cases makes his books so good with plenty of detail and definitely knows how to get his readers hooked.

Delaney has once again written a superb crime book with plenty to keep you hooked all the way through and deserves 5 star rating!
Don't wait around but buy this book now!
didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

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Friday, 6 March 2015

Hero by Samantha Young Blog Tour

Today I am part of the lovely Samantha Young's new book Hero's blog tour! Most of you will already know how much I really like Samantha's books so much and I am always highly recommending!
When the lovely Clara at Piatkus asked if I would love to be part of the tour I couldn't wait!

Hero is all about Alexa Holland and Caine Carraway. Alexa's father was her hero until she finds something shocking that her and her mum weren't his only family, So Alexa has tried to turn her life around but when she meets a man who's as damaged by her fathers mistakes, she must help him!
 Caine Carraway doesn't want anything to do with Alexa's efforts to redemption but its not so easy to push her away. He will do anything in his power to get her to walk away and leave him for good by ignoring her, being rude to her..however that just brings them together and they start an intense and explosive affair!

Wow! where can I start with Hero? I loved every freaking minute of it! It was pure intense every chapter, I really wanted to dislike Caine but my god he just sounds so gorgeous but obnoxious too which can make any girl weak at the knees!
I got frustrated at times as I just wanted to punch Caine for the way he was treating Alexa but I was also rooting for them to get together! You can tell deep down Caine is bit of a softy but is just so hard faced.

The one that was different with Hero to the other books sam has written On Dublin Street is this is set in Boston,America instead of Edinburgh like ODS! But the different scenery doesn't make this book anymore fantastic than it already can be!

Samantha knows how to write such amazing books and have her readers hooked by the first couple of pages! I know when I pick one of Samantha's books that I'm going to be engrossed so much for the next couple of hours. I recommend reading Hero and also Sam's other books too! 

I really have to award Hero my rare Gold star for being so amazing, full of rawness, passion and is most definitely worth 5star++
Pick up Hero right now, You are missing out!
About the author:
Samantha Young is the author of the runaway bestselling On Dublin Street, which sold over 150,000 copies within five weeks and has now been sold in more than 25 countries. Published by Penguin UK until recently, her first book with Little Brown (Castle Hill) was one of the top 10 Hachette ebooks for 2014. This year she has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Author and Best Romance. She lives in Stirlingshire, Scotland and is available for publicity purposes, along with corresponding regularly with her 22,000 fans on FB and 15,000 Twitter followers.
You can visit her at
Hero by Samantha Young is published by Piatkus in paperback and eBook. You can find of all Samantha Young’s titles in the Kobo website here:

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Harry Potter Tag!

Hello Everybody! I have wanted to do something on my blog for a while now but never had the time to do anything but today is my first ever tag! 

I couldn't wait to do the Harry Potter Tag which i got the idea from my lovely friend Katie @intothebookcase which you can check out her's here.

I am such a huge Harry Potter fan whether its the books or the films! I basically grew up with Harry, Ron & Hermione in my life. Every time the books came out my dad would buy me a copy of the book on his way home from work at like 4.30am and it would be in my hands by time I woke up for school.
 I remember when the last book Deathly Hallows I was queuing up outside Asda eagerly waiting for my very own copy with my mum & sister. 
I always wanted to receive my own Hogwarts letter but never arrived :( 

So Let's crack on with The Harry Potter Tag!

1) What is your favourite book?
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was the favourite for me, I loved reading about Ernie and the purple double decker bus but also the beginning of Hogsmeade, I kept dreaming I was there with a cup of Butterbeer so much!

2) What is your favourite film?
I loved all the films in their own little way but hands down favourite has to be the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stones. The clips of Hogwarts, the Hogwarts letters Harry kept receiving, Hogwarts Express, the sorting hat, Just everything of the first film had me all excited and I loved so much!

3) What is your least favourite book?
I didn't really rate the film and the book was huge & just so long! the Triwizard tournament just didn't get me as hooked.

4) What is your least favourite film?
As much I love the Harry Potter films..I always felt the Goblet of fire was a bit boring for me. The Triwizard cup just seemed to drag on and i didn't really rate the film although Robert Pattinson was in this film hehe!

5) Parts of the books/films that made you cry?

When Professor Albus Dumbledore got killed..that crushed me the most also when Dobby died well I was a blubbering wreck at the cinema :(

6) If you could hook up with any character, who would it be?
 I had a huge crush on Oliver Wood throughout my Harry Potter years and still think he's cute now!

7) Who is your favourite character?

Hermione Granger is my favourite character throughout all the films, she had me giggling with insults to ron, her witty comments and her general braveness about everything.

8) Who is your least favourite character?
Mrs Umbridge I detest so much! She was so annoying in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! She thought she was really something and was glad to see the back of her tbh!

9) What would your Patronus be? 
 I think either an Owl or a Dolphin would be my Patronus as they are the two animals I do love a lot. 

10) If you could have the resurrection stone, invisibility cloak or elder wand, which would it be? 
I think i'd want the resurrection stone for a while to see some people who meant dear to me in the past but I would have soo much fun with the invisibility cloak for sure!

 11) Which house would you be in?
I would love to be in Gryffindor but not sure I am so brave and daring..but when I joined Pottermore I was placed in Hufflepuff..with when reading quotes I fit in just perfect!

12) If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?
Rupert Grint is the one who I want to meet so much! Such a cheeky chap, he kinda cute and also a pal of Ed Sheeran's ;-) 

13) If you were on the Quidditch team, which position would you play?
I think I would either be the Chaser as I can be a decent thrower when I need to be, Years of practice playing rounders at school helped.

14) Were you happy with the ending?
Of course I was happy with the ending, although I was gutted it was the last time we would be seeing them  and with all the deaths that voldermort had caused did upset me a lot but it was nice to see how they ended up in their lives, it was cute! 

15) How much does Harry Potter mean to me?
Harry Potter means the absolute world to me! My Childhood is in them books & films forever in my heart! I cannot wait to read the stories to my own children when i'm older! They will love them just as much as I do!
A true Potterhead I am!