Thursday, 22 January 2015

Book Review: The Book Of You by Claire Kendal

Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: April 2014

The Book of you is about a lady called Clarissa who is being stalked by a work colleague called Rafe, he won't leave her alone, everywhere she turns he's there, he leaves her gifts and most certainly won't take no for answer. When Clarissa get's to be part of Jury service, she finally feels safe for a while...but for how long?

There is no words to describe how hooked I was with this book and how I was really worried for Clarissa and what Rafe was going to do to her.

This is Claire Kendal's debut novel and what a superb way to get noticed! The Book of You is just thrilling that your looking behind yourself just like Clarissa is doing.
Clarissa is a 38 year old English woman who takes up with a distant coworker one night at a little party after his book is published and something dark happens that changes her life in every way. This guy, Rafe, stalks her every move and she becomes like a prisoner in her own life. He's everywhere. Her house, her work, the park...and he leaves lots of notes and gifts for her.

I liked the style of writing Claire has done, the way we flick between the "book" all about Rafe and his ways of stalking following instructions from a leaflet about Domestic abuse telling her to write everything down so that what she does. To present day but she doesn't get much of present day until she is that court being part of Jury service. 
The question is when will Rafe get the picture that Clarissa isn't interested..maybe when it's too late? as Clarissa is writing in the journal every day she see's him and the unwanted gifts she keeps tucked away so when the time comes to go straight to the police that they will listen to her and there will be plenty of evidence... the only place Clarissa feels safe is in the Court House and when she gets to know the other people part of Jury service, she become's friendly with a guy called Robert but becoming more than friends with Robert angers Rafe and isn't a good thing!
The Book of You is one gripping and scary book! for fan's who love to read a good psychological thriller then you will love this!
You may not sleep without wanting to keep the light on but it'll be worth it!
5 page turning stars!

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Revamped Cover Reveal: New bright and refreshing E-Book Covers by Belinda Jones

Ta-Dah! Here are Belinda Jones' book covers with a new and exciting look for each one!
You will also notice three of the books have changed names

Summer in Greece is Out of the blue

Dancing Girls is Living La Vida Loca

Hollywood Calling is California Dreamers

I am such a big fan of Belinda's book and I think these covers will look beautiful and summery on my Kindle so now I'm off to buy them all!
Psst...they are all out NOW!!

My favourite cover that stands out so much and I love is...... The Paradise Room! 
I want to be swimming in that gorgeous blue sea! 

Now its your turn...which cover do you love the most? 
Write in the comments below and lets show the love for Belinda Jones!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Book Review: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

Well Guess who's back!?!
 Miss Bookworm Reviews is back for another year of new fab releases!!
Here is my first book review of 2015.

Publication: 15th January 2015Publisher: Transworld

Well I have heard so much about this book and the cover of the book drew me in straight away! I had the pleasure of getting an e-copy of Netgalley and I couldn't wait to jump in as I've heard from a lot of blogger friends that they had enjoyed it so I wanted to check out the book!

We meet Rachel who catches the same commuter train every morning when the train stops at this stop she sees a row of houses by the tracks where she imagines a life for a couple who she sees day to day on her commute who happen to live couple of doors down from where she used to live with her Ex Husband Tom.
Rachel one day is on the commuter train when she sees something terrible but once it has happened after that..things start to unravel so much....Rachel gets into deep then!

I'l admit it is hard to like Rachel as she is a heavy drinker and just comes across as a bit of a nutter and seems to just stalk her ex husband a lot, I really didn't think i was going to be able to get into this book so much but I must tell you to carry on if you think your gonna hate it at the beginning because it gets bloody good towards the end chapters I was gob smacked as I never thought It was a certain character from the book at all.

This review is hard to tell you what I loved the most without giving the story away too much! Although I can definitely say The Girl On The Train is the most talked about book of January 2015 and may even still be by the end of the year too!
 I have recently got into Psychological Thrillers and this book is definitely right at the top for me right now! It is the most thrilling and page turning book!

I had never of Paula Hawkins before but The Girl On The Train being her debut Novel she's definitely brought the blogging community to a craze this year!
I would definitely recommend going buying The Girl On The Train when its out on 15th January!
You won't want to miss out!
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