Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Place to Call Home Blog Tour: Q & A with Carole Matthews

Today's blog stop for Carole Matthew's new book A Place To Call Home is heree.
I have the lovely Carole stopped by for an Author Interview with me aka MissBookworm Reviews.

Hi Carole, I am such a fan of your books and love them so much. The covers are always beautiful and the stories always make you laugh, shed a tear and fall in love...

Thank you so much, that’s very kind! Thanks for having me on your blog. 

Q) A Place to Call Home is out this month! Could you tell us a little bit about it?
It’s my twenty-fourth novel and is an uplifting story about a woman who flees an abusive relationship with her small daughter. She finds herself making a new home and family in the most unlikely place. 

Q) What inspired you to start writing?
I’ve always been an avid reader of fiction, but I started out writing factual articles when I was a beauty therapist. The change to fiction came when I entered a short story competition and won it. I did the most sensible thing I’ve ever done in my life and spent the prize money on a writing course. Booking that prompted me to start writing the book that became my first novel, Let’s Meet on Platform 8. 

Q) Out of all your books which did you love writing about the most and why?
I think I always have a soft spot for The Chocolate Lovers’ Club and The Chocolate Lovers’ Diet. They were such fun books to write and, of course, the research was wonderful! I’m always getting asked to do a sequel by my readers and, always happy to oblige, I’m writing a third one now. 

Q) All your covers are beautiful, which one would you say is your favourite?
Thank you. I’m lucky to have a lovely artist called Alice Tait who paints them for me. I love them all but my very, very favourite has to be A Cottage by the Sea. I WANT that cottage!

Q) Which part did you love writing the most about A Place to Call Home and why?
I enjoyed writing it all. It’s very hard to pick a favourite bit, but I did like crafting the developing relationship between Hayden and Ayesha and also her friendship with Crystal. She’s been a lovely character to work with. 

Q) If you had to sum up A Place to Call Home in 5 words..what would you say...
Have the tissues handy. 

Thank you for Popping on my blog Carole, It has been a pleasure.
A Place to Call Home is out in paperback now!!

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Author Interview With Carlie Pettit

Today I have had the pleasure of the lovely Carlie Pettit on my blog today for an author interview.
Carlie's debut book MATCHES is out right now!

Love authors like Jilly Cooper, Tasmina Perry & Jackie Collins..are going to love MATCHES too!

Hi Carlie, Thank you for
 popping on my blog..

Q) Can you tell us a little bit about your debut book MATCHES?
Victoria is broken, lost and neglected. Her philandering older husband, Ralph, has spiralled out of control. The multimillionaire tycoon is on a journey of self-destruction, destroying everything in his way.
Ultra-cool Kim doesn’t do love – until she meets Omar. But her unconventional arrangement and a dark secret, turns her world upside down.
James is naive, and too nice for his own good. Married to the neurotic and psychopathic Amanda, who will stop at nothing to satisfy her desire to destroy Victoria, taking all that she has.
From mansions in Wimbledon Village, exclusive parties in Mayfair, to penthouses in Knightsbridge and first class travel across the world. Matches sizzles with passion, jealousy, greed, betrayal, sexual hedonism and secrets. Dramatic events rock their moral compasses. Explosive living leaves many wounded. Their decisions and actions will dictate who can forgive and who will get out alive. . .

Q) What inspired you to start writing?
I LOVE writing, and I have a very vivid imagination. It was round about this time, two years ago, that I woke up and told myself; ‘I am going to write a book.’ And that is what I did. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote. I’m not the sort of person who can do a 9-5 job. I needed something which I could do, anytime day or night. And wherever I am. Preferably in a hot, exotic location, sipping something ice cold and bubbly. . . MATCHES has delivered on all of these things, but I didn’t realise how hard you have to work. Writing is not for the feint hearted!

Q) What is your favourite book of all time?
That’s such a tough question!!! I love books that are compelling, pacy, engaging, not too descriptive. I guess I don’t have an all-time favourite, as my tastes change with my moods.

Q) Who are your target readers?
Those who are looking for a pacy, dramatic page turner. Readers who love: James Patterson, Jilly Cooper, Jackie Collins, Tilly Bagshawe and Tasmina Perry.

Q) Did you ever think you’d ever become an author?
Not until I was 23. Then I discovered it was the ONLY thing that I wanted to be.

Q) What genre do you like to read?
I like all genres, I really do. It totally depends on my mood and where I am.

Q) Do you prefer paperback or Kindle?
I love them both. No preference.

About The Author.
When I’m not writing a sizzling novel, you can find me sipping a freezing cold flute of champagne in an exotic, preferably hot location. Or eating in some of the finest restaurants in my beloved London. At all other times, I am either shopping, reading, watching box sets, or taking long strolls on Wimbledon Common with the love of my life.

Very excited to read Matches!!

Top Five Psychological Thrillers by Colette McBeth

Today's post is by the lovely Colette McBeth author of Precious Thing which is out today! Woohoo Happy publication Day Colette! 

To help celebrate I am taking part in the blog tour for Precious Thing and Colette is hear to tell us all about her top 5 Psychological Thrillers...
Also make sure you follow the other blogs on the tour for great reviews and content as you don't want to miss out.

Top Five Psychological Thrillers by Colette McBeth

My main problem in choosing my top five psychological thrillers is poor memory. I’d love to be one of those people who can recite the whole plot of a novel years after reading it or extract quotes from memory, but sadly I’m not.  I’ve promised myself that from now on I’m going to make a note of all the novels I read alongside a little review to remind myself why I liked or disliked them but none of that helps me now.  The following books are ones I’ve loved, I remember I loved them, just don’t expect me to  recall every plot point and character!

The Beach - Alex Garland
This book captured the hopes of my generation and turned them into something dark and ugly. We all wanted to go travelling to escape life for a year or two and find ourselves on a remote beach. So it struck a chord, depicted something we thought we wanted only to show us why we might not want it after all. The descent into darkness is so subtle you almost don’t realise it until you are right there at the heart of it. The first person narrative means you are in Richard’s head and become almost complicit in his actions.  That sense of complicity was something I tried to achieve in Precious Thing. 

Notes on a Scandal – Zoe Heller
I’m a huge fan of Zoe Heller’s writing because it’s so brilliantly observed and dry and funny. I loved pretty much everything about this book.  I read it as the characters in Precious Thing were beginning to come to life in my head and it stuck with me as a masterful psychological portrayal of an unbalanced, obsessive friendship.

Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow – Peter Hoeg
This thriller was recommended to me when I was writing Precious Thing. It has a striking sense of place, brilliant observations and above all it’s is beautifully written. I’ll admit it lost me a bit towards the end but I could forgive it that because the rest of it was so good. 

The Silent Wife, A.S.A Harrison
I received this as a proof last year and finished it in a day and a half. Occasionally I’ll just pick it up and read a random page because I love the writing that much. Neither Jodie nor Todd are my kind of people. She’s uptight, has made herself subservient and overlooked his transgressions. He is a grade A liar and a cheat. BUT just because I wouldn’t want to share a bottle of wine with the characters doesn’t mean I don’t care what happens to them.  Basically, it’s a brilliant and poetic portrayal of relationship breakdown and I’ve thrust it on to everyone I know. 

The Secret History, Donna Tartt 
I read this so long ago and consequently remember so little I wondered if I was being a bit of a fraud by including it. But I know this one really got me. It was my book of the year (whenever it was I read it) so I decided to go back and start reading it again to remind myself.  And I still love it- the voice, the darkness, the apprehension. I love that Richard Papen sets out to create a new history for himself because he frankly doesn’t care much for the one his parents gave him. I’m fascinated by the idea that when you put yourself among a new group of people you can become anyone you want to be, and also that fate dictates where our lives take us. Mainly though, I adore the writing because it makes me want to write better. 

Buy your copy right now in either Paperback or E-book.

PaperBack                   E-book

 Thank You Colette for sharing your top 5 thrillers.
I now have a great competition to win your very own copy of Precious Thing which you will be dying to read as it is amazing and very gripping.
All you have to do to be entered for a copy is to comment below and I'll choose by random and the competition will end on Sunday 13th at 9pm.
Good Luck!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Showcase Sunday #2

Showcase Sunday is hosted by Vickie at Books Biscuits and Tea. The aim of this event is to highlight our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders each week. For more information about how this feature works and how to join in, click here.

~                                          ~                                 ~

A very big Goood morning to all my lovely readers and authors, Hope you've had a fantastic week. I've been busy trying to get my TBR pile down..its a little bit high atm...oopsie lol! I am currently reading Precious Thing by Colette McBeth and WOW is all I can say and the fact I'm not sleeping as I am sooo hooked! I am part of the Blog Tour for next Thursday so keep your eyes peeled...

This week I have been sent some great books and I am so excited to show you all and also read them. I am ever so grateful for my books this week and want to say a massive thanks to Sphere,Little Brown && Piatkus for these wonderful reads.

- Dark Lycan by Christine Feehan ( Amazon/To be Reviewed)
- The Temptation of Lila and Ethan by Jessica Sorensen ( Amazon/To be Reviewed)
- The Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez  ( Amazon/To be Reviewed)
- The King by J.R Ward ( Amazon/To be Reviewed)

I was also sent this lovely book by Harper Collins and I am so excited to read also!

- The Story of You by Katy Regan (Amazon/To be Reviewed)

I also couldn't resist buying these lovely books. I have recently been reading the first Game of Thrones as I was so hooked with the Tv series so decided to read the books. Also I bought Divergent on the request from a friend Katie and which we are going seeing the film next week. Eeeek happpy! 

What books have you bought or downloaded? Seen some great reads that you cannot wait to buy? Let me know in the comments below and have a lovely Sunday.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Book Review: A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke

Title: A Single Breath

Author: Lucy Clarke
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: 27th March 2014


The deeper the water, the darker the secrets

There were so many times I thought about telling you the truth, Eva. What stopped me was always the same thing…

When Eva’s husband Jackson tragically drowns, she longs to meet his estranged family. The journey takes her to Jackson’s brother’s doorstep on a remote Tasmanian island. As strange details about her husband’s past begin to emerge, memories of the man she married start slipping through her fingers like sand, as everything she ever knew and loved about him is thrown into question. Now she’s no longer sure whether it was Jackson she fell in love with – or someone else entirely…

The truth is, it was all a lie . . .

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it  - Best Suspense and Intriguing read so far in 2014
I loved The Sea Sisters so when I found out Lucy was bringing a second book out, I was excited! Thank You to Jaime Frost @ HarperCollins for my fantastic ARC copy for in return an honest review. Firstly I love the cover..different shades of blue and looks like a very intriguing book...

Eva is so in love with her husband Jackson and wants to spend the rest of her life with him until a tragic accident and Jackson tragically drowns. Eva is left distraught and has always been longing to meet Jackson's estranged family, her journey starts at Jackson's brother's doorstep on a beautiful remote Tasmanian island..Details about her husband's past start to emerge and Eva starts to doubt whether she really knew the man she loved & married after all...

A Single Breath was just amazing and gripping. Lucy Clarke really knows how to suck her readers in and keep them on their toes, never knowing what really happened to Jackson and all the sneaky secrets..
I am so jealous that Lucy has been to all these fab places in her books, one thing I love while reading her books is being about to dream about these fab exotic places.
The plot is just amazingly written and I easily loved the characters, It was so easy to get to know Eva and I could easy feel the pain through losing her husband, it was heartbreaking to read but was so gripping that you just couldn't put the book down.

I can't express how much I really enjoyed A Single Breath so so much as I feel you need to pick up this book and read for your self, it is the only way to truly understand how amazing it is.A terrifying and gripping read which leaves you wanting to keep going with the book as you never knew what was going to happen.
If you loved The Sea Sisters then your going to be even more of a huge fan of this one.
Grab a copy now!