Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger

Title: A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger
Author: Lucy Robinson

Publication Date: 31st January 2013

Publisher: Penguin Books
Source: Francesca Russell - Thank You ever so much for my copy!

Charley Lambert has put considerable effort into achieving a perfect life. She has the job. The wardrobe. And the flat. Her womanizing, junk food-loving housemate Sam lowers the tone a bit but that aside, things are peachy.  Then she breaks her leg in three places, watches her unrequited love propose to someone else and - worst of all - is forced to hand over her job to her nasty deputy while she recovers.

Workaholic Charley fears that she will soon go mad. Desperate for something to do, she discovers her talent for helping the lovelorn online. And then William arrives in her inbox. Within hours of  his first email, her world starts to change. Helpless, she watches herself fall in love with this man and begins to realise that she's not who she thought she was.

But will she be brave enough to turn her back on her old life - all for a total stranger?

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

Now I am new fan of Lucy Robinson's books, this being the first book I have read by Her and I LOVED it! A true Chick Lit Book it is indeed!
I have to Thank Francesca Russell @ Penguin for sending me a copy of this wonderful book. When I got my copy, I just loved the book cover straight away  looked very cute.

We meet the ever so lovely Charley Lambert a workaholic who has the perfect job, wardrobe and a flat who she shares with her womanizing junk food-loving Sam. However one day Charley ends up breaking her leg in three places and her boss comes to visit her in hospital and is told to take 3 months off work, She must give her job role to her horrible deputy just while she recovers.

Charley thinks she will go still crazy, so she discovers her talent for helping people who are looking for love online. Then a ever so handsome stranger arrives in her inbox going by the name of William, after a few email exchanges, she starts to have feelings for him but then begins to realise that she isn't who she thought she was..

I really did enjoy this book so so much, I was giggling at every page, Charley is definitely a great character for this book, I felt I could relate to her about the workaholic business thing, I do that sometimes. I Loved the chemistry between her and Sam. They are such great friends and end up helping each other in their dating business, which was fantastic, had me laughing at every moment.

All the characters were brilliant in this, They were all such a mixed bunch but however I loved them all, They all stood out in their own ways. Charley was definitely a favourite for me! Sam just seemed such a laid back kinda bloke who just sat on his ass. . . but all that changed hehe which I loved to read and see what happened.  I loved the moments with William and Shelley, They will have you laughing out loud.

This book was written beautifully by Lucy and was definitely a favourite for me. I will certainly be reading more books by Lucy in the future now.A Must read for everyone who loves chick lit books, It will have you laughing every chapter and leaving you wanting more. A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger comes out 31st January..Keep your eyes pealed for this one.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Her Master's Kiss

Title: Her Master's Kiss

Author: Vivien Sparx

When Renee decides the only way she can save her relationship with a hurtful boyfriend is to become submissive, she enlists the expertise of a dark and brooding master.

However, Renee's training soon as her falling for her master Stefan, and as she becomes immersed in the spellbinding erotic world of domination, Renee realizes she is infatuated with a man who remains mysteriously out of reach; a man who refuses to be loved.
Behind Stefan's cold, remote facade is a man dealing with his own past and his own pain.
didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

Now I am such a big fan of Erotic Romance Novels, I absolutely adored Fifty Shades books and Crossfire Books( Sylvia Day) I then had the lovely Vivien Sparx send me a message asking if I would love to read her books and review them, I couldn't wait to jump at the chance. Even though Her Master's Kiss is only 70 pages long. . . Do not let that put you off. I adored the book ever so much, I kept flicking the page so quickly on my Kindle wanting to read more and more.
I love the characters Stefan and Renee, They are well suited together and you can feel the chemistry between them as you read each chapter. Stefan a dark and handsome master who refuses to be loved and is so mysterious that it leaves Renee falling in love with him and wanting to know more about him.

Renee is a young woman who has had a horrible relationship with her boyfriend and wants to learn to become a submissive so she can please her boyfriend, However not all is going to be nice for her as she starts to realize when being taught by Stefan..

If you love Erotic Novels then you are going to love Her Master's Kiss, It is a series of 3 books which is great because you will be able to follow Stefan and Renee to see how dangerous and erotic their relationship will get to. With Vivien's book, she doesn't have to her books with lots of pages, in them 70 pages there is so much description without the whole book just being of full of sex and rawness, the writing just flows together and keeps you guessing with each chapter.

Please go grab a copy of this, You will not be disappointed I am telling you!
Thank You Vivien for giving me the chance to read your books and loving erotic novels all over again.

Monday, 28 January 2013

January Releases

To kick start 2013 I thought I'd share some wonderful new books that are coming out this month! A lot of romantic and valentine ones which I fore one cannot wait to get my hands on hehe! In this blog post I shall share all the new releases that have come out already or due to come out any time soon in this month.
I will give you my opinions on what I think about the book covers and whether I will be grabbing copies of all the books.

To Kick start the first book to come out this month was Sheryl Browne's A Little Bit Of Madness, Now I am a big fan of Sheryl's books and she is also a lovely down to earth author and I am happy to be part of her book tour which is next month hehe!

These next set of books came out round about the same time! I Purchased two of the books myself the other week, I got Eleanor Moran The Last Time I Saw You and Julie Ashton The Valentine's Card. I picked them both because the covers and blurbs looked and sounded great and I needed a pick me up so I thought Eleanor Moran's book could give me feelings about how I cherish my friendship with my best friend ever so much. I needed a new chick lit romantic book and with Valentine's day just pretty much around the corner I knew The Valentine's Card by Julie Ashton would be perfect hehe!

A lovely book that I got sent by Ally Grant publisher of Simon & Schuster who was kind enough to send me a copy of Ali Harris' new release The First Last Kiss, First time I saw this book, I just knew I had to have a copy, I loved the cover and the blurb just sounded ever so romantic hehe.
All of the other books do have great covers and blurbs and I will end up purchasing them at one stage definitely!

Now coming to end of January we have some wonderful new releases that I think will wet everyone's taste for new books. Here they are:

I cannot wait for these lovely new releases to come out! Although I have already read Lucy Robinson's A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger and I loved It! It was my first book by her and it was amazing, I shall be reading more books by Lucy definitely! I have also sneakily purchased Nick Spalding's new book Love. . . From Both Sides for my Kindle, It was cheap enough and have also bought the next follow on book to it as well hehe!

Also another new release that came out on the 22nd of this month was by Vivien Sparx The Falcon Falls, Now If you haven't read any of her books then I say you must do now!

 She is a superb lovely author who always has time for her fans and her books are amazing. If you love erotic romantic novels then you will certainly love her books. I have my copy of The Falcon Falls and I cannot wait to start it, Shortly I will be running a competition for you all to win a e-copy of The Falcon Falls courtesy of Vivien herself.

Now everyone, which books are you most looking forward to reading or have already bought and read? Please let me know!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

You Had Me At Hello By Mhairi Mcfarlane

Title: You Had Me At Hello

Author: Mhairi Mcfarlane
Publication Date: 6th December 2012
Publisher: Avon

What happens when the one that got away comes back?

Rachel and Ben. Ben and Rachel. It was them against the world, Until it all fell apart.
It's been a decade since they last spoke, but when Rachel bumps into Ben one rainy day, the years melt away.
From the moment they met they'd been a gang of two; partners in crime and the best of friends. But life has moved on. Ben is married. Rachel is definitely not. In fact, the men in her life make her want to take holy orders...

Yet in that split second, Rachel feels the old friendship return. And along with it, the broken heart she's never been able to mend.
If you love David Nicholls and Lisa Jewell then this is the book for you.Hilarious, heartbreaking and everything in between, you'll be hooked from their first 'hello'.

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

First I want to say sorry for such a slow delay for this review just had so many reviews to do and been sucked in with some rather good books since I read this.

This book did kinda remind me of One day by David Nicholls which was a fabulous read so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with this read as its a similar story line.

We Meet Rachel and Ben, two people who met at university and became the best of friends and did everything together until one little thing happened and both their lives moved on. Ben became married, Rachel didn't. One rainy day Rachel bumps into Ben and they start to catch up...will their friendship spark again? does Rachel have feelings?

This book had me giggling all the way to the end, I just loved it so so much. It was an amazing read and I loved the way we flicked back to when Rachel and Ben were at university together and then back to the present where they were becoming friends again.
Rachel was definitely my favourite character in this book, I felt I could relate to her at times and did also feel very sorry for her at times but she could soon pick herself back up again. She had a very witty personality. Ben came across a very mysterious and handsome man who everyone could like in university, the charmer and would have women falling at his feet. I loved all the mix of characters together and they soon all blended together in this brilliant story.

It is definitely a book that will pull at your heart and maybe drop a few tears but you will want to fall in love with this book over and over.
Go Grab a copy now if you haven't read already!

Paperback               Kindle

Never Have I Ever(The Lying Game Series#2) By Sara Shepard

Title: Never Have I Ever
Author: Sara Shepard

Publication Date: 2nd August 2011

Publisher: HarperCollins

My Perfect life was a lie.

Now I'd do anything to uncover the truth.

Not long ago, I had everything a girl could wish for; amazing friends, an adorable boyfriend, a loving family. But none of them know that I'm gone-- that I'm "dead." To solve my murder, my long-lost twin sister, Emma, has taken my place. She sleeps in my room, wears my clothes, and calls my parents Mom and Dad.

And my killer is watching her every move.

I remember little from my life, just flashes and flickers, so all I can do is follow along as Emma tries to solve the mystery of my disappearance. But the deeper she digs, the more suspects she uncovers. It turns out my friends and I played a lot of games -- games that ruined peoples lives. Anyone could want revenge. . . anyone could want me-- and now Emma --dead.

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

The Lying Game Novel series carries on in the 2nd book, we have Emma Paxton who is pretending to be Sutton, her twin sister. Fallen into her twin's life by mistake but is trying to piece a jigsaw why her twin sister was killed and why. Each time Emma digs around and asks questions, she is falling into a bigger trap as the killer is watching her every move and Emma must tread carefully or the killer could get her...

This book was a lot better than the first one, straight away in the first chapter I was getting hooked wanting to read more, trying to complete the jigsaw myself of who could of killed Sutton. Sutton's friends Mads and Charls and Sutton's step sister Laurel are all in the Lying Games, who have all pranked each other in some very strange and bad pranks. Then you have the Twitter twins Gabby and Lili who both just want to be in the lying game gang but Sutton would never let them.

This book was pretty much all about the twitter twins Gabby and Lili who Emma thinks they could of killed her twin sister and Emma has kinda fallen in love with Ethan and the only person she can trust right now and he knows the truth that Emma is pretending to be Sutton. They try to piece together who could be the killer and with every puzzle, it seems to lead them to the twitter twins. Did they kill Sutton?

I just loved all the characters in this book, I loved the relationship between Emma and Ethan, they are just so cute together hehe! the best couple you could say. I also loved that we had Sutton be in the background always following Emma and sometimes got little visions from the past which was great to keep Sutton still in the story even though she is dead.

I was definitely hooked more in this book I think it only took me 2 days to read, every free time i had, I was burried away in this book, either giggling or was hooked trying to figure out the killer.
It is definitely a must read for anyone who loves books similar to Pretty Little Liars.

Paperback               Kindle

The Lying Game By Sara Shepard

Title: The Lying Game
Author: Sara Shepard
Publication Date: 7th December 2010
Publisher: HarperTeen

I had a life anyone would kill for.

Then someone did.

The worst thing about being dead is that there's nothing left to live for. No more kisses. No more secrets. No more gossip. It's enough to kill a girl all over again. But I'm about to get something no else does-an encore performance, thanks to Emma, the long-lost twin sister I never even got to meet. 

Now Emma's desperate to know what happened to me. And the only way to figure it out is to be me-to slip into my old life and piece it all together. But can she laugh at inside jokes with my best friends? Convince my boyfriend she's the girl he fell in love with? Pretend she is a happy, carefree daughter when she hugs my parents good night? And can she keep the charade, even after she realizes my murderer is watching her every move?

Let the lying game begin.

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

I first read the pretty little liars series books by Sara and I loved them which soon became a TV series. Now I loved the lying game TV series,I thought it was brilliant so when found that there was books on the series I couldn't wait to read.

Now I do want to say if you read these books and seen the TV series then you may end up hating these books. I struggled with the first couple of chapters but I thought no I am going to plod on and carry on and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed it so much.

Now we meet Emma Paxton who's a foster child living in las Vegas with her foster family and a creepy step brother Travis, Emma then finds out she has a twin sister Sutton Mercer who has a perfect family and a perfect happy life until someone kills her and a video goes viral in which Emma is shown the video and then sends a message to her twin sister in which gets a reply saying to meet Emma does a runner and meets up..however there was no Sutton mercer...Emma then falls into her twin Sutton's life to find out what actually happened and who killed her twin?....

This book was such a gripping read and even creepy at times but I'm glad I carried n reading because by the end I couldn't wait to start the next book because didn't want the story to end. I loved Emma Paxton's character not just because she is a foster child but because she was a down to earth girl who had nothing but her Twin was given everything made me feel sorry for her in a way.

I do recommend you all read the books before watching the TV series as the TV program story line is slightly different to the books but still as good.
Even though this book is called The Lying Game, the books you have more details about the lying game and what dangerous pranks the girls did however in the TV series its never really mentioned.

This book will have you gripping to your chair and wanting to help Emma. Go Grab your copy now!

PaperBack                 Kindle

Monday, 14 January 2013

Meet Me Under The MistleToe By Abby Clements

Title: Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

Author: Abby Clements
Publication Date: 25th October 2012
Publisher: Quercus

Childhood friends Laurie and Rachel's lives have taken very different paths since they picked up their A-level results together. Laurie is living in London and dedicated to her career, keeping track of her friends on Facebook.
Rachel is seemingly living the family idyll in a cottage in Yorkshire - except she worries her marriage is starting to show cracks.
When Rachel's mother in law falls ill and needs treatment in London, and Laurie decides she needs to get away for a break, a house swap falls into place. Soon Rachel is braving the mean streets of London while trying to keep her family together, while Laurie tries to figure out how to work an Aga and befriend the locals - and forget the man who seems intent on breaking her heart.
Will their relationships survive this test? And will they make it home in time for Christmas?

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

Out of all the Christmas Reads that came out in 2012, I decided I had to leave this one to last and I was so glad i did! First time I saw this cover I knew I would enjoy it and i loved the cover, it was very glittery and sparkly just like how i love about a Christmas book hehe!
This is the first book by Abby Clements and I enjoyed it so much!

We meet Laurie and Rachel, childhood friends but taken very different paths, Rachel is married with two kids and is living in Yorkshire in a cute little cottage, she starts to worry that her marriage is starting to show bad cracks..
Laurie is living the high life in London with a great payed job who is dedicated to her career but keeps a track of her friends on Facebook.
I loved this book so much, the chapters flick from Laurie to Rachel which you get to warm up to the characters and meet them both busy in life when suddenly Rachel's mum falls ill quickly and needs urgent treatment in London. Rachel and Laurie get in touch and suggest about swapping places.. I loved this idea because it reminded me of the film "The Holiday" which starred Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. 

I loved both of the Characters, they both seemed so lovely even though they both seem to have complicated lives. My Favourite character would have to be Laurie though, I felt like I could relate to her and warmed up to her more with being a single girl myself and dedicated to my career just like Laurie herself.However I don't live in London lol. I did Like Rachel's character though as well with the closeness of her family and how she was trying to keep her marriage together.

This is a brilliant read which will have you smiling and laughing but also have a few tears run down your face as well lol. It was a shame we didn't get to have more chapters of Laurie and Rachel actually catching up properly. I just loved the chapter at the end on Christmas Day, was great...don't want to say too much hehe!

Im so glad I chose to read this Christmas book last as I loved it so so much and I think everyone must read it as you will all feel warm and snug reading this. It is definitely a light hearted easy read which will leave you with warm fuzzy feelings.
I will certainly be wanting to read more books by Abby Clements. She is a splendid author! Roll on her next book now hehe!

Married By Christmas By Scarlett Bailey

Title: Married By Christmas
Author: Scarlett Bailey
Publication Date: 25th October 2012
Publisher: Ebury

The countdown to her winter wedding has begun...
Anna Carter the perfect Christmas Eve wedding. It's been on her 'to-do' list since she was a little girl stuck living in a children's home and dreaming of a far happier family life than she'd ever experienced.
Now she's found the perfect Georgian country manor as a venue, to which she will be taken in a reindeer-drawn sleigh. She's got a show-stopping designer ivory-beaded wedding dress.
And she's even found her groom. Three years ahead of schedule,  funny, sexy, handsome journalist, Tom, had swept her off her feet.
Only, now, two weeks before the  wedding, Tom drops a bombshell that threatens to ruin everything.
But nothing is going to stop Anna's plans - not even the pesky inconvenience of  discovering her perfect husband-to-be already has a wife...

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

Now I have always been a big fan of Scarlett Bailey I have loved her books The Night Before Christmas and Santa Maybe on e-reader, when I heard she was bringing a new book out with another Christmassy feel I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy. 

When I first saw the book I just knew I needed a copy, The book was a lovely vibrant red and just had a Christmas feel with it.I just couldn't wait to read.
We meet some lovely characters in this book, Anna Carter who was taken into care when she was little because her mum abandoned her. Liv and her family take in Anna and adopt her, soon Liv and Anna become best of friends..
Years on and Anna is planning her perfect Christmas with her best friend/step sister to help her but when her ever so lovely fiance Tom tells her something that could just ruin her dream altogether...

I really did love not because it has a Christmas feel but also because it can certainly pull st your heart strings this book, make sure you have tissues at the ready. Scarlett definitely pulled it out of the bag once again, It was written perfectly and made you soon warm up to all the characters were all amazing in their own little way.
The best heroine in the book would have to be Liv because i felt really sorry for her at times but was happy when she found happiness hehe she came across as just a normal girl who had no worries but just wanted her own true love hehe.

This book is a fantastic and funny read and was a splendid read for Christmas 2012
You will all enjoy am sure.
Grab a copy now!!

Paperback             Kindle

Starstruck:A Fame Game Novel#2 By Lauren Conrad

Title: Starstruck:A Fame Game Novel#2
Author: Lauren Conrad
Publication Date: 16th October 2012
Publisher: HarperCollins

Are they ready for their close-ups?

Madison Parker has discovered that not all publicity is good publicity. After turning herself in for stealing some bling, she's stuck doing some community service while her Fame Game costars soak up all the screen time. Not that newcomer Kate Hayes needs more attention ever since her breakout song became an overnight sensation she's suddenly acting like she's Katy Perry.
 Aspiring actress Carmen Curtis is finally making a name for herself, but she's finding it harder than ever to get out from behind famous mother's shadow. And don't even get these reality stars started on their love lives. In Hollywood, leading men are a dime a dozen, but a good man is hard to find. So, when two of the girls have their eye on the same guy, that can mean only one thing: on-camera drama.
As their fortunes rise and fall, Madison,Carmen and Kate will have to prove they have what it takes to stay in the fame game.

From Lauren Conrad, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the L.A Candy series, comes a story of the complicated lives of TV's newest reality stars told with humor, heart, and a unique insight into Hollywood life both on- and off camera.

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

Lauren Conrad is my idol and I have loved other books that she has published, they were great reads indeed! Her first set of Novels were the L.A Candy Novels and they were brilliant! When I first found out Lauren was going to do another set of Novels where it is from another of the character's side of things I couldn't wait to grab a copy. This book is the 2nd book in the A Fame Game Novel Series!

We Meet the oh soo wonderful but snobby Madison Parker who if you read the last Series, You will know she turned herself in for stealing some bling however with a secret behind all that, she has to suffer by doing community service while her Fame Game costars soak up all the screen time. We have Newcomers Kate Hayes and Carmen Curtis who are new to the Fame Game, Kate Hayes being the singer who wants attention and to break free her singing career. Carmen Curtis is an aspiring actress who takes after her famous mother and is always lurking behind her shadow but wants to shine for herself and be known on her own not for being her Mother's daughter. We also meet Gaby Garcia who was also featured in the L.A Candy series, she is a bit of a wild party animal who is a complete and utter blonde who doesn't think before she speaks... All the girls are on a new reality tv show called The Fame Game owned by Trevor who has camera crew falling each of the girls and setting scenes...

I loved this book ever so much! It had me giggling straight away, I kept thinking how it compared to The Hills's when Lauren Conrad was on there. I loved all the characters in this book, I would say my favourite character would be Kate Hayes as she is just a bit of a quiet normal girl who just wants to be heard through music and let people love her music.

I loved the flow of the writing, all the chapters just flowed so easily and you could quickly follow each character in each chapter without getting confused.
This book is a definitely a must read and you will love these books i am telling you all! You must all grab a copy right now! If you love romance, drama, tears and friendships then this book is for you!

Here are the first series L.A Candy Novel Series

Here Are The Fame Game Novel Series

Friday, 11 January 2013

A Merry Little Christmas By Julia Williams

Title: A Merry Little Christmas
Author: Julia Williams
Publication Date: 25th October 2012
Publisher: Avon
An Absorbing novel about family, love and friendship from the bestselling author of Last . Christmas.

With Four children, a Christmas cookbook to write, and her mum suffering from dementia, Cat Tinsall has plenty to juggle. When her eldest daughter, Mel, starts going off the rails, Cat has even more on her plate.

Pippa Holliday adores her family, although often finds her hands full. When Dan is involved in a terrible accident, Pippa's world is suddenly turned upside down.

Balancing her job as a school teacher with twins and her step-son Steven isn't easy for Marianne North. With her husband's ex causing trouble, life is getting even trickier.
As Cat,Pippa and Marianne help each other through a difficult year, they're all hoping for a much brighter Christmas.

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

First thing i want to say is this was first time I have read any books by Julia Williams and when i saw the festive cover on Amazon I just knew i had to purchase straight for my Kindle however I waited until to week before Christmas to start reading to get me in the festive mood.

I was not wrong, this book was brilliant i loved it!! We meet three families The Tinsall's, The Holliday's and The North's the great thing about A Merry Little Christmas is we meet all the families preparing throughout the year for Christmas with also life's drama's following them along the path. 

Julia is definitely a splendid writer and i absolutely enjoyed this book and it was written so perfectly and had me giggling all the way through really.
I couldn't possibly say who was my favourite character because I loved them all dearly and wished I had known them in person I was that engrossed in their day to day lifes throughtout the year. 

This book was definitely in my top 10 Christmas reads for 2012 and I recommend anybody to grab a copy and read so much.
 You will certainly feel very festive by the time you finish the last page. I for one will be reading more books by Julia Williams because she is great!