Thursday, 18 December 2014

Festive Guest Post: Christmas for One by Amanda Prowse + Giveaway

The Lovely Author, Amanda Prowse is here with a festive post about her new book out now Christmas for One (which is a great read btw!) 

Can you believe it? That time of year already! I think it comes around quicker the older I get. At this rate, in my sixties and seventies I’ll just about finish the washing up from Christmas dinner and it’ll be time to start peeling sprouts again! ‘Christmas for One’ is a special book for me. I’m known for writing about subjects that are often gritty and thought provoking. But Christmas is the one time of year I allow myself to write fairy stories for grown ups! 

Drawing on my own experiences of being a single mum, I wanted to explore the dilemma of meeting a man who sets your pulse raising and your heart thumping, but it’s hard to allow yourself to dive in when you have a child to consider and what is best for them always comes first.

When you are a mum, as many of my readers can testify, what you look for in a man is vastly different to what you looked for before. No longer are you interested in what kind of dancer he’ll be and whether he’ll still love you without your make-up (although these continue to be considerations!) instead you are wondering how he will gel with your children, is he kind, patient, can he build tents and make a car out of Lego? More importantly, does he understand that spontaneous means a month of planning, organising babysitters and leaving emergency numbers just in case!

Megan is a young widow with a small boy who is her whole world and just like the old saying goes, love comes along when she least expects it. 

This is a fast paced ‘will they won’t they’ love story that has all my usual twists and turns with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. It is set in London and New York and shows the city through Megan’s eyes as she visits for the very first time. As she walks in Central Park, skates at the Rockefeller Centre and dances in the snow at the top of the Empire State building, you feel yourself cocooned in a festive glow sprinkled with romance and anticipation.  The man she meets seems too good to be true and maybe he is; only time will tell. One thing is for sure, when you learn what Megan has been through, you will be rooting for her, hoping she gets the fairytale ending that she deserves. 

As for my own fairytale ending? Well, I did dive in and over a decade later it just gets better and better. And as for worrying about my son and my new man gelling? They are now a team and it’s me that has to find a way to fit in! Oh and he’s not too bad at dancing and doesn’t seem to mind me without my make-up. Phew. 

I hope this Christmas brings you peace, health and happiness. May 2015 be a fabulous year. I wish for you lots of wonderful things, and to quote from Christmas for One ‘You have to live this life and if that means following your heart and taking a risk, then that’s what you should do. If you don’t, you will regret it forever…’ so go on dive in! 
With love
Amanda x

!! Festive Giveaway Time
The lovely Amanda is offering a signed copy of Christmas for One up for grabs!


  1. I hope your looking forward to christmas, I can't believe it's only 4 days away!!! Thanks so much for this fab giveaway. Happy Christmas x

  2. Thanks for great away, My favorite thing at Christmas to do is watch Love actually with my partner John with chocolates :)

  3. My favourite part about Christmas is reconnecting with friends

  4. I like to playing games with the family b