Sunday, 14 December 2014

Festive-Blog-Athon Day Fourteen: Top 10 Cheesy Xmas Music & Videos

Hello Everybody! Today's Blog Post is Top 10 Cheesy Xmas Music & Videos..
Now we have all watched them xmas videos that you just want to cover your face because of the cringe factor or giggle your head off how silly the people look.
We all know we would be singing along to them if they were played on the radio!

10) The Cheeky Girls - Have A Cheeky Christmas

9) Geraldine Mcqueen - Once upon a Christmas Song

8) Destiny's Child - 8 Days Of Christmas

7)  Spice Girls - Christmas Wrapping

6) Elton John - Step Into Christmas

5) Mel & Kim - Rockin' around The Christmas Tree

4) David Hasselhoff - The Christmas Song

3) Wham - Last Christmas

2) Justin Bieber - Mistletoe

1) Ozzy Osbourne & Jessica Simpson - Winter Wonderland

Hope you have all enjoyed listening to these cheesy songs and are feeling very festive now!

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