Thursday, 4 December 2014

I'll Take New York by Miranda Dickinson Blog Tour


Today I am part of the fabulous blog tour for Miranda Dickinson's new book I'll Take New York! Now what isn't to love about Miranda's books, I am such a big fan of her books and the covers are always pretty!

I'll Take New York is about two people, Bea James owner of Brooklyn bookshop is let down by her boyfriend for the last time, she makes the decision no more men, no more heartbreak, and no more pain. Psychiatrist Jake Steinmann is having a fresh start too, leaving his broken marriage behind in San Francisco and from now on there'll just be one love in his life now : New York.
Bea and Jake meet at a party and they seem to be the only singletons and they make a pact : no more relationships..

Yay it's so good to have Miranda Back with a new book! I loved really I'll Take New York so muchh! It is my dream to go to New York one time and reading this book got me a giddy as Bea and Jake explore all of New York as friends and I wished I could visit all the iconic places myself! 

It was great following the lives of Bea and Jake as they get to know each other as friends as they have their pact: no more relationships but we also see a  few familiar faces in this book Rosie Duncan and Ed Steinmann who we would of read about them in Fairytale of New York which is always great to catch up with familiar faces!

Miranda has amazing writing style which is so totally her own and she has so much passion in her stories that keeps her readers hooked. Her passion for places is so amazing, You can tell Miranda has massive passion for New York and that is a great feeling.

What i loved most about this book is Bea and Russ' Bookshop I wished I could sit in the bookshop and curl up with a good book and forget about the outside for a while also As a big bookworm I would totally love to have my own bookshop one time.

I'll Take New York will be flying off shelves this December for Christmas Presents for everyone! It is a fantastic read will packed of friendship between two your reading you kind of think will they or won't they.. It was a different style of chick lit book that were normally used to where straight away you know if the woman and man are going to get together. I'll Take New York sucked you into the book more because you enjoyed reading about Bea and Jake's friendship blossoming more and more as they see each other alot more.

I'll Take New York Deserves 5 Twinkling, Exciting, Amazing, Romantic Stars
Thank you to the Avon Team for letting me part of the blog tour!

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