Monday, 8 December 2014

Festive-Blog-Athon Day Eight: Author Guest Post: My Favourite Christmas Cocktail by Carole Matthews

My favourite Christmas cocktail by Carole Matthews

A few years ago, instead of having Christmas presents, my partner, Lovely Kev and I treated ourselves to a weekend at the Ritz hotel in London. It was eye-wateringly expensive, but soooo worth it. The whole place is opulent, glamorous and feels wonderfully decadent. We spent more than a few hours in their gorgeous art-deco Rivoli bar sampling their cocktails. By far and away, our favourite was the Ritz 100 - a cocktail created for the centenary celebration of the Ritz. What’s not to love about a drink which is sprinkled with real gold leaf! A bargain at only £20 per glass - ahem. 

So for Christmas, Lovely Kev now creates his own - considerably cheaper and slightly more potent version. Sometimes known affectionately at the Christmas Pistmass - it has a kick like a mule and has been described as a night out in a glass. 

The gold leaf adds nothing at all to the flavour, but it makes it look pretty and, as a bonus, adds no calories whatsoever. It can be bought on eBay for a ridiculous price, but a little goes a long way. 

No respectable festive party should be without one! Enjoy alcohol responsibly! (Hmmm) 
Have a wicked Christmas everyone. Cheers from me!

2.5 cl of Vodka
1 cl Grand Marnier
Dash of Archers
Top up with something fizzy – cava, prosecco or champagne
Optional extra! Sprinkle with edible gold leaf 
To serve, drop one cube of brown sugar into the glass which releases the bubbles in the fizz
If you’re feeling really fancy garnish the glass with a twist of orange


Carole Is Offering couple of lucky winners a signed copy of her new book The Christmas Party.


  1. As in you go from aperitif to passed out? I'm feeling a 'Do You Remember Christmas?' book coming on. Like it, Carole. Loving that cover. Best of luck, sweetie. :) xx

  2. Drinks sounds nice. I don't drink a lot.