Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Festive Guest Post: Xmas Q&A with . . .Megan @ Readinginthesunshine

Hello I'm Megan!

I'm 25 and I live in England. I'm married to my wonderful husband and I LOVE to read and review books. I fangirl and GUSH A LOT about books I love.
I'm very friendly and I love to chat and meet new people who love books :) So if you are on Twitter, Facebook or Goodreads then please be my friend on there and send me a message :)

When do you get into the festive spirit?
I PROPERLY get into the Christmas spirit in September. This is gong to sound so bad...I feel Christmassy all year round! I am one of those people who wear Christmas jumpers in March and watch Christmas films in July. I just love Christmas so much that I like to have bits of Christmas all year round...I I have had a Christmas desktop background wallpaper on my laptop since August....ssssh don't let on that you know! 

What is a family tradition you like to have or do on Christmas?
Before Christmas Stephen and I like to get in our car in the evening, and drive around our town and the surrounding towns and have a look at everyone else's Christmas lights and decorations! I always like to watch The Snowman on Christmas day - though I absolutely sob at the Walking In The Air song! 

Favourite past Christmas?
I loved the Christmasses when I was younger and I was so amazed and caught up in the magic of Christmas - Santa, Reindeer, stockings, all of it! I think my favourite Christmas recently was last year as it was our first Christmas as husband and wife so it was a special one for us! 

Do you love buying/wrapping gifts and seeing everybody's faces on Christmas day?
Yes! I love trying to find THE PERFECT gift and it makes me happy to see smiles and joy on everyone's faces :) 

Favourite Christmas book?
The Snowman will always be my favourite! It's SO magical! 

What is it like on Christmas Day for you and your family?
It's all VERY relaxed :) We are very easy going and have a day filled with fun, food and laughter. I do the cooking and I LOVE doing that - all of our family comes round so it's lovely to have everyone together :) This year I am cooking for 9 people! 

When do you normally put your tree up?
Definitely the first weekend in December, as soon as it turns December we always want to get our decorations up! This year the first weekend closet to December is at the end of November so ours will be going up then! We bought an artificial tree a few years ago and we originally wanted the medium size but when we saw it at the shop it looked REALLY tiny, so we went for the large. What we didn't realise is that someone had messed up the signs and put the medium sign on the small tree so we got our large tree home and it was HUGE. We have a laugh every year about how we bought the wrong tree when we put it up!

Favourite Christmas movie?
The Santa Clause - it's a childhood favourite of mine :) 

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