Thursday, 18 December 2014

Festive Guest Post: Xmas Q&A with....Blogger Paris Baker

Paris Baker is a 24-year-old bookworm from Jersey, in the Channel Islands. She writes reviews on her book blog, Paris Baker’s Book Nook, and is currently working on her first novel. She also loves penguins, pugs and rose wine.

Q) When do you normally get in the Festive spirit?
A) I’m one of those horribly annoying (or awesome) people who just love it and can’t get there fast enough! My birthday is exactly 5 weeks before Christmas, so once that’s gone I normally go full-blown festive.

Q) What is a family tradition you like to have or do at Christmas?
A) We usually do a little Secret Santa which we open on Christmas Eve, which is always good fun. A few years a go, my Step-mum’s sister was proposed to as part of her Secret Santa gift, which was pretty amazing.

Q) Favourite past Christmas?
A) It’s hard to pick one, but I always love Christmasses spent with my Stepmum’s family in Southampton. There’s loads of us, we all make camp in her Mum’s house, and the atmosphere is always just amazing, the house just buzzes with festive spirit! The lounge floor literally becomes a sea of presents on Christmas day, and we play silly games and dress up in funny hats, onesies or jumpers.

Q) Do you love buying/wrapping gifts and seeing everybody's face's on Christmas Day?
A) It’s my favourite part! I really like to try and get thoughtful and personal gifts, so I love seeing people’s reaction. It’s a wonderful feeling if you can make someone happy.

Q) Favourite Christmas Book?
A) This year has seen a new favourite with Jenny Hale’s A Christmas to Remember - it’s just beautiful. I also love When I Fall in Love by Miranda Dickinson.

Q) What is it like on Christmas Day for you & your family?
A) Busy! My Mr and I have 4 sets of families to get round between us, so it varies each year. We’re usually with one set in the morning, and another in the evening, then more on boxing day! So it really differs, but it’s always fun and filled with love, and who doesn’t want four Christmasses?

Q) When do you normally put your Christmas tree up?
A) December 1st at the latest, but any time after my birthday (Nov 20th) depending when I can convince my Mr to do it!

Q) Favourite Christmas Movie?
A) Miracle on 34th Street. Richard Attenborough is the perfect Santa, and always will be. It’s a beautiful film.

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