Thursday, 22 November 2012

Warrant For Love By Sheryl Browne

Leanne Curtis has shared more than her heart and her home with womanizing man. She's shared her pin number. The scales are peeled painfully from her eyes when she spots female footprints on the inside windscreen of his car. Devastated, Leanne storms off into the night. He wasn't going to pay her back when he sold his flat, his bolthole, his shag pad, probably, the absolute...! Shivering on a street corner, Leanne comes up with a survival plan. She's no choice. If she's to keep her son in PS3s, Leanne needs a lodger. 
Brought up in care, Police constable Paul Davis doesn't communicate well. On duty, he's gloomily contemplating his impending divorce. His wife sleeping with his sergeant is not helping his morose mood. His sergeant has a history, and Paul needs to find somewhere decent to live in order to gain custody of his son, Fast. And to keep his job.
Wrongfully arresting Leanne Curtis for soliciting, he muses, whilst avoiding five-star-freezer looks from her friends, might not be the best way to do it.
Could fate have brought them together, though? Leanne needs a respectable lodger. Paul needs a home. One thing leads to another, and Paul can't quite believe his luck. When a blackmail plot cooked up by Leanne's friends threatens their budding relationship, however, is Paul compelled to uphold the law?  Or will he risk everything to make sure Leanne's abusive ex gets his comeuppance?

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First of all I want to say I loved this book alot! Sheryl Browne is a relatively new author around at the moment and I jumped up at the chance to review her book for her. It starts with Leanne Curtis having give her man Richard some money that he desperately needed. However things go out of control and when one night she finds female footprints on the inside windscreen of his car...She goes crazy and storms off into the night, However when she's standing on a street corner pretty much half naked She gets wrongly arrested by Police Constable Paul Davis. However she gets let off at the station, does threaten to sue him and all that but does change her mind eventually. Leanne's sister and best friend come to rescue and start to plot their own blackmail plan for Leanne's ex Richard....

I did enjoy this book alot, It was a very lighthearted and exciting read, I was always wanting to see what more was happening on each page. I loved the whole blackmail plot for Richard Leanne's ex..It was very funny, the idiot that he was. The way Sheryl describes Paul Davis...made him sound very dishy hehe! I do love a man in uniform hehe! This book had such a great story line and all the mix of characters just clicked together and they were all unique in their own ways.

I was hooked from the first chapter and i was giggling all the way right to end of the book! Sheryl has written  this book so perfectly and lovely. I want everybody to grab a copy and you must read! It's not your most typical rom-com but it was still a fab read which you will be giggling a lot. Sheryl, You are a brilliant author in my eyes and I hope you keep on writing books because you have done an amazing job so far! I Thank You Sheryl for giving me the opportunity to read one of your books and be able to write a review aswell.

Find out more about Sheryl and her writing at 

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From Notting Hill To New York Actually.. By Ali McNamara

Scarlett O'Brien, utterly and addicted to romantic films, has found her leading man. She's convinced Sean is Mr Right, but the day-to-day reality of a relationship isn't quite like the movies. With Sean constantly away on business, Scarlett and her new best friend Oscar decide to head to New York for the holiday of a lifetime. From one famous landmark to the next, Scarlett and Oscar make many new friends during their adventure - including sailors in town for Fleet Week, a famous film star, and Jamie & Max,a Tv Reporter and cameraman.

Scarlett finds herself strangely drawn to Jamie, they appear to have much in common: a love of films and Jamie's search for a parent he never knew.But Scarlett has to ask herself why she is reacting like this to another man when she's so in love with Sean...

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

First of all, I've gotta say I adored this book! I loved her first one From Notting Hill With Love...Actually where we first meet the lovely Scarlett and Sean. Just a pointer for New readers of Ali McNamara's new book, you don't need to have read her first book because the first couple of chapters do explain few things from the first book.
This book just topped it off, it was great to catch up with the characters and carry on from where we left off seeing into the home life of Scarlett and Sean but also meeting new characters when we hit New York. Things for Scarlett & Sean are going brilliant until however, when Sean is always away with work,Scarlett finds herself getting very lonely and missing Sean a lot, When something crops up and Scarlett gets the chance to go to New York she jumps at the chance and takes her new best friend Oscar with her. They go on a holiday of a lifetime i must say...One they will never forget...

I really did enjoy this book, all the characters were fab and they are mixed in together and the chapters flowed really well, You never once forget a character or get puzzled with the story. It flows great, a bit like a rollercoaster hehe! I couldn't possibly chose a favourite character because I loved them all!
I loved the way Ali describes all the places and scenery in New York which definitely made me want to jump on a plane to there right away! When I found out that Ali was writing a sequel to From Notting Hill With Love....Actually, I just couldn't wait to grab a copy hehe!
This book is your typical chick lit book, which you need to curl up with a nice cuppa and some chocolate and get stuck in! it is an exciting read that has lots of laughter,crying, drama, friendships. A couple of times while reading this book I wanted to sing Frank Sinatra's New York New York hehe! The way Ali describe's everything just makes it seem such a perfect city to visit! I was very envious of her having to research there hehe! If your a big lover of Chick lit films then you are going to love this! Just like in her first book..lots of big films were mentioned like Love Actually and Notting Hill There is even more mentioned in this book of course the fabulous Breakfast At Tiffanys and much much more!

I really did love the ending! It was a true perfect happy ending which will leave you feeling very happy & smiley!  Ali McNamara has once again done us proud and the whole book is written terrifically. You will certainly laugh, cry, be sad but will feel like you have been on one heck of a rollercoaster at the end. You must go grab a copy now! I Thank the lovely Jo Wickham at Little Brown for my copy.

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Winter Wonderland By Belinda Jones

Imagine waking up in a snow globe...
That's how travel journalist Krista feels when she arrives in magical Quebec to report on Canada's glittering Winter Carnival.

Over ten sub-zero days Krista formerly frozen heart begins to melt as she discovers an enchanting world of ice palaces, husky dog-sledding and maple-syrup treats galore. And then she meets Jacques, a man as handsome and rugged as he is mysterious...
The two share a secret that could bond them forever, but can they find a way to break through protective layers around their hearts to warm up this winter wonderland? 

...Let the snow-spangled adventure begin.

it was amazing (my current rating) it was amazing (my current rating) it was amazing (my current rating) it was amazing (my current rating) it was amazing (my current rating)

Straight away I have to say what an absolutely freaking amazing fantastic read! When I got sent a copy I just couldn't wait to snuggle up and read this, Iv loved all of Belinda Jones' books, best book I loved was "Out of the blue", I just loved that the book was set in Greece, However this book just topped it completely!
Another Christmas book out this year, definitely to get you in the festive, okay maybe it doesn't have the chesnuts roasting in the fire and christmas tree decorated and all that but It still gets you in the wintry cold feeling and makes you wanna snuggle up reading this. 

Belinda had obviously put plenty of research in to this book and I wasn't disappointed, the writing just flowed so easily and I was instantly hooked and I even felt I was in the book myself.
 I loved all the characters Krista,Laurie,Giles,Annique,Sebastian,Jacques, i thought they all connected together nicely. I loved the friendship between Krista and Laurie, their friendship reminded me of me and my best friend Kaylie. 
The lovely Krista has a deep secret but when she meets Jacques he also has a deep secret too and when they both grow close they find they both have the same sort of secret and It was sweet when we did find out her secret in the book, it makes you warm up to her a lot more. I loved the ending of the story I alot, I am a hopeless romantic so it was beautiful hehe!
 I also loved the chemistry between Krista and the oh so sexy and wonderful Jacques....Oooohhh swooon! The person who fitted the lovely description of  Jacques was indeed the wonderful Ian somerhalder..he would be my perfect Jacques anyday tehe ;) 

 I loved that Belinda chose Quebec and Montreal for the places in Winter Wonderland, It was certainly a fantastic choice! She made the story have wonderful pointers and facts about the places but make it into such a fantastic read that you wish to book yourself a flight right away! It's definitely a choice to put on my bucket list of places to go hehe! I want to enjoy a nice stay in a ice cold bed and try the wonderful poutine...Yummy!

One of my all time giggles with this book was the husky dog sledding...I will say nothing more hehe! I just really enjoyed this book so much, the chapters flowed so easy and with the mix of characters was still able to follow the story lots. Grab a copy of this book straight away hehe!

Thank you Lyndsey at Hodder & Stoughton for sending me a copy of Winter Wonderland. 

Here a couple of pictures of Montreal,Quebec,Ice bed and Poutine
( Just paint a lovely picturesque scene of the book hehe)

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

An Autumn Crush By Milly Johnson

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it  
In the heart of the windy season, four friends are about to get swept off their feet...

Newly single after a bruising divorce, Juliet Miller moves into a place of her own and advertises for a flatmate, little believing that, in her mid- thirties, she'll find anyone suitable. Then, just as she's about to give up hope, along comes self-employed copywriter Floz, and the two women hit it off straight away.

When Juliet's gentle giant of a twin brother, Guy , meets Floz, he falls head over heels. But, as hard as he tries to charm her, his foot seems to be permanently in his mouth. Meanwhile, Guy's best friend Steve has always had a secret crush on Juliet - one which could not be more unrequited if it tried...

As Floz and Juliet's friendship deepens, and Floz becomes a part of the Miller family, can Guy turn her affection for them into something more-into love for him? And what will happen to Steve's heart when Juliet eventually catches the eye of Piers - the man of her dreams? 

First ever book I read by Milly Johnson was White Wedding and I just knew reading this book I wasn't going to be disappointed. Milly Johnson is a fabulous writer and in her books she always has you hooked from the first chapter. This book had me giggling alot, We meet the lovely twin brother and sister Juliet and Guy Miller who have their own fare share of problems, Guy's best friend Steve, The mad and rather lovely gay best friend of Juliet's, we meet the rest of the wonderful Miller family and Also the love mad Floz too.

Juliet being a newly single after a bruising divorce and has her new place but needs a new roommate? So her and her gay best friend Coco are interviewing at the start of the chapter a possible new roommate and Juliet is about to give up when the lovely Floz arrives and wants to move in!
Guy has his problem with wanting to buy his restaurant and trying to save the money for it seems to tire him out at all but also when he meets Floz, he tries everything to charm her..will it work in his favour? he also has his lovely best friend Steve who has an alcoholic mother is always asking him to help out at the wrestling matches and he has his own little crush on Juliet..what chemistry will happen between those two?
From the start I just loved all these four characters, I just knew it would be a happy ending either way, The chapters flow so easily with each character as you get to know them more and more,Even at times I felt I already knew them in person. With this book you will have plenty of laughs and giggles but you will also will experience some sadness and heartbreak of real things that happen in life like internet dating, Dysfunctional families,addiction and lots more.

I just couldn't put this book down at all, I was even kept up till silly o'clock in the morning hooked with every chapter and eager for more!
I certainly would recommend any body to read a book by Milly, She is a wonderful author and Im definitely purchasing more of her books soon! tehe!

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

IOU By Helen Warner

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Step into the lives of three very different women...

Amy, the Princess who's about to see her fairy tale brought to an abrupt end...

Kate, the would-be adulterer

Jennifer, the widow with a secret.

Old debts and new temptations... Find out just who will pay up in this warm and wise new novel .

When Helen's first book Rsvp came out and I enjoyed that very much, I knew I wasn't going to be dissappointed in this new book.

It starts off with someone sat on a doorstep with an envelope ready to open it to see the letter...and you start wondering whos sat there? whats the letter about? however you will only find out at the end who it was sat there.
I really did love this book though, We meet Amy and Kate who are sister and Jennifer their mum who is a widow due to their father Michael died.

Amy has a charming and exciting life who shops till she drops and lunches out while her nanny is looking after their children. Until her world comes crashing down when her husband Ben's business collapses over night and with Amy not having a job, she must get out there and find one and help keep her family together... 

Kate is just a normal lass who does struggle in life with her husband Miles and two children even though she loves them lots, but her life is rocked when she has an accident and the wonderful Jack comes crashing into her life after rescu
ing her..

Jennifer is getting over heartbreak from losing her husband Michael and she does however get in touch with an old flame Hugh unlocking a dangerous pandora's box and finding out answers from her past whether she wants to know or not. 

With this story I loved all the characters, there was such a nice mix and it wasn't chaos trying to remember all the  names, you could easily follow and the chapters flowed very nicely.
With all their problems and heartbreaks it was lovely to see that they all soon got involved in each others lifes again and were brought closer together which was wonderful to see.

If your after a nice light hearted read, I highly recommend this book! You will enjoy this I promise.

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

First Everrr! Author Interview With The Wonderful & Fellow Redhead Belinda Jones

For my first ever Author Interview I was lucky enough to speak to the wonderful Belinda Jones. With the launch of her New book Winter Wonderland Out on Thursday 8th November, Belinda was very kind and came for a quick chat about her new book!

Could you describe your new book in 10 words or less?
Snow-globe love in a land of huskies and maple-syrup pie! (Had to hyphenate to keep to the word count!!)

How did you decide Quebec and Montreal were going to be the best places for the new book?
It just shows the power of the internet - as soon as I saw the website for the Quebec Winter Carnival ( my brain started fizzing with ideas for the storyline - snow sculptures, ice palaces, dog-sledding!! - and I knew I had to get there asap and discover more! I also liked the idea that Quebec and Montreal are French-speaking and very different to the rest of Canada - I love anywhere that is a unique world unto itself.
Out of all your books, which did you love writing and researching for the most and why?
I've enjoyed researching all of them, that really is the best part of my job - scribbling notes in random courtyards, casinos, bull rings, grottoes, beach huts, tango halls, tavernas, lavender fields, palazzos and rainforests around the world! Havana, Cuba (for Living La Vida Loca) may have been the most fun as a trip but in terms of writing, WINTER WONDERLAND wins by a mile. It was one of those rare (for me) times when the words were coming faster than I could type! Quebec proved to be the ultimate muse - the city is so stunning and varied it gave my imagination a super-boost and the story just told itself. (Wish that would happen more often - current one is like pulling teeth!!)
When did you think "Oh I want to be a writer" and follow the dream?
When I realised it was the most direct and legit way to meet popstars! That was my initial motivation! I worked as a magazine journalist for 10 years which is a fantastic job and offers great practice at writing every day and having your work edited. Plus I'm still best friends with all the people I met on more! magazine. But I wanted to go more in depth and specialise in travel so I decided to give books a whirl. I was just looking through all my initial rejection letters the other day! It's certainly tough to get into (less so these days with the opportunities for Ebooks!) but I have to say: it is absolutely essential to follow your dream! You have to go all-out, be prepared to do whatever it takes and not listen to people who tell you how hard it is to break into a certain field. Someone has to succeed, why not you?
What book are you currently reading and is it worth to be recommend?
I've just started reading Charlotte Au Chocolat - Memories of a Restaurant Girlhood by Charlotte Silver. Her mum ran Upstairs at the Pudding in Harvard Square, just across the river from Boston, where I was learning how to make Boston Creme Pie this summer! It has the cutest cover ever (will send a pic) and her writing is charming: 'My life was not a child's life of jungle gyms and Velcro sneakers, but of soft lighting, stiff petticoats, rolling pins smothered in flour and candied violets on wax paper.' Can't wait to read more!

How will you be celebrating when Winter Wonderland is being published?
Usually I like to have some kind of themed party (all readers and bloggers welcome!) - for Out of the Blue we had traditional Greek dancers, blue cocktails and a handsome man dressed in Officer whites! - but this year I'm unable to be back in UK so we're having a Facebook party at Belinda Jones Travel Club on Thursday 8th from 6-8pm UK time which will be a hoot. At the weekend my treat is going to see Skyfall at one of those cinemas that serves yummy food while you watch - heaven!

If you could live in any country, where would it be?
Italy! I'd Winter in Cortina D'Ampezzo (ski resort where The Pink Panther was filmed, not that I ski but the mountaintop vistas are stunning and hot chocolate divine!), spend Spring in Venice and Florence, Summer in Sardinia so I could stay submerged in the sea when I wasn't eating in some shady trattoria, and Autumn in Capri, when the crowds and heat have subsided! Plus I love the notion that all the other European countries are just a hop, skip and a jump away - that's the biggest downside to living in America - everywhere else is so darn far!! 

With Christmas just around the corner Belinda, how will you be spending your perfect Christmas this year?
At the moment, I'm just hoping that my sailor husband won't be at sea as his schedule is so topsy-turvy! The perfect thing would be to take him home to UK and have him experience a proper English Xmas with mince pies, mum's roast potatoes, Strictly Christmas Special and my surprisingly fantastic relatives who I miss most at this time of year!

Have you started writing your next novel and if so,could you tell us a little bit about it?
I have! It's called THE TRAVELLING TEA SHOP and it features Laurie, who is the heroine's best friend in WINTER WONDERLAND. It begins in Manhattan and then we go on a cake-themed caper around New England trading traditional British recipes for Battenburg, Victoria Sponge etc for American faves like Red Velvet Cake and Whoopie Pie! It covers seven states but my favourite was Rhode Island, specifically the city of Newport. That's where I discovered my new favourite cocktail - the Dark & Stormy which is spiced dark rum and real ginger beer - fantastic! (Now if we can just make that into a cupcake recipe!)

What season do you love the most? Spring? Summer? Autumn? Winter?
Despite writing predominantly beach reads, I wilt (and burn!) in blazing heat so I would have to say Autumn - at least the Californian version of Autumn when it's still warm and sunny but you get to wear big knit scarves with a glittery thread running through them!! I like being able to sit outside at pavement cafes with a steamy drink and an engrossing book and then walking home scrunching on the fallen leaves!

Ooo Such wonderful answers! Thank You again Belinda for dropping by and I for one cannot wait for Winter Wonderland to be out!  Make sure you all join in with the Winter Wonderland Publication Party On Thursday 8th November between 6pm - 8pm UK time! Where Belinda Jones will be joining live and will be chatting and answering questions. This is the Christmas Gift for the 10 best/interesting questions. Get your thinking caps on quickly! See you all Thursday! xx

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Winter Wonderland Publication Day Party!!

With Love At Christmas By Carole Matthews

didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it

Can the imperfect family really have the perfect Christmas?

Juliet Joyce adores Christmas. She loves the presents, the tree, the turkey, the tinsel, everything. Already the festive spirit upon her, which is just as well as this Christmas things are starting to get out of hand.
Her son Tom is out of work and bringing home a slew of unsuitable partners; pregnant daughter Chloe and her little boy have moved back in; Juliet's father Frank, is getting over a heartbreak of his own and Rita, her eccentric mother, is behaving more erratically each day. And has the chaos got too much for Juliet's husband Rick?

With the big day fast approaching, Juliet hopes that she can stop everything spiralling out of control, because the only thing she wants is her family all around her and her home to be filled.

I've recently started reading Carole Matthew's Books, first book to read was Summer daydreams and I loved that so I knew with this book I wouldn't be disappointed! With Christmas just around the corner I thought this book would be perfect to get me in the festive spirit and make me very excited.
Straight away the thing i loved the most about the book was the front cover, it was amazingly bright and colourful and was very festive which I just couldn't help but have my own copy!

We meet the lovely Joyce family where Christmas nut Juliet is busy making sure she has everything right and perfect for her family for Christmas.. With this book we follow from the beginning up until Christmas Day with little problems always occurring one way or another. This book does have a lovely big mix of characters but I loved that all the characters linked together but all had their own problems and plans but they all managed to help each other especially in the spirit of Christmas. By the end of the story I actually felt i was part of the family and had been through the same problems with them. My favourite character would have to be Juliet, she is a Christmas nut like myself and I just loved her personality and thought she was full of happiness and caring nature for her family.

Carole Matthews definitely did a splendid job at writing this story it was very creative and soon had you hooked by every chapter. I bow to you Carole you certainly are the Queen of Chick lit in my eyes and are an amazing writer.

This book is a fabulous read and recommend anyone to pick up this book and read! It is a very warm and festive read which will have you laughing, crying and smiling alot but the story also has drama and heartbreak however it really does bring a love of Christmas cheer and a sprinkle of snow to the whole family!
You will definitely feel in the festive mood when you've read this! 

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