Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happpy Halloweeeenn!!

Well with Halloween just being around the corner I wanted to get in the spirit of things and have a blog dedicated just to Halloween! This weekend me and some of my lovely friends kicked off with the spirits of Halloween by dressing up in Halloween costumes and went round town and got drunk tehe! It was a very fab night indeed, some big giggles! Here is some pictures of us and our scary costumes. Enjoy! :)

I've always loved Halloween as i was growing up as a child, the whole finding a spooky fancy dress outfit and dressing up and going trick or treating. Used to love filling my pumpkin tub full of Sweets tehe! Which Child Wouldn't? :) One of my all time favourite Tv Program would have to be Sabrina The Teenage Witch. A Fab Tv Series with a teenager who is a witch and lives with her two crazy aunties and a crazy cat called Salem..what couldn't be better? hehe!

Now I do Love watching a good spooky film round this time as well.. who doesn't?
Heres a List of good Spooky Halloween films to watch..Just don't watch alone..tehe!

- Hocus Pocus

- The Nightmare Before Christmas
- FrankenWeenie
- Corpse Bride

- Twilight
- Practical Magic
- Casper
- The Addams Family
- Halloween Franchise
- Saw Franchise
- The Blair Witch Project
- Paranormal Activity Franchise
- Paranorman
- Sweeney Todd
- The Craft

 A list of Spookyfull Party Songs To Get Your Groove On:

Beautiful Monster
She wolf
Monster MashSuperstition
 I put a spell on youTime Warp
This Is Halloween

A fab Rhyme for Halloween! 

Only Naughty Children See Spooks on Halloween

by Winifred Sackville Stoner, Jr.

Witches and goblins, spooks and elves,

With sprites and gnomes from elf-land delves,
Tonight are flying here and there,
Yes, up and down and everywhere.
For this one night in all the year
They rule the earth and bring great fear
To all the naughty little boys
Who tease good girls and break their toys.

These spooks they also make girls sad

When they are selfish, cross and bad;
So when it's dark, bad boys and maids,
They see these awful fearsome shades,
And that is why with covered heads,
They trembling lie in their warm beds.

But even there they goblins see,

Spooks and gnomes, and all that be
Abroad upon weird Halloween
When all the wizards may be seen
By naughty kids and grown-up folks
Who like to play most wicked jokes.

But good young girls and gentle boys,

The kids who are their mothers' joys
They like the dark just as the light,
For spooks never come within their sight,
And in their dreams they lovely elves
Show them bright scenes from fairy delves.

So, if tonight you are afraid

Of any spook or any shade,
We'll know you are a naughty child,
So cross and wilful, rude and wild.

I now bid you farewell and hope you have a fangtastical spookiness day and gets lots of treats!

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