Monday, 22 October 2012

A Very Accidental Love Story By Claudia Carroll

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I'v read other books by Claudia Carroll and i loved them so very much so I knew I would enjoy this story just as much too. When I first saw the book i loved the cover very much its very bright and colourful and just so ready for me to pick up and read.

It's a story about Eloise Elliot a woman who is one of the youngest newspaper editors in the country. Very respected by her staff members. On the night of her 30th Birthday in the daily post's conference room with rubbish party food and awful looking balloons Eloise finds her very lonely but realises what she wants so badly from life...A baby!
A successful trip to a sperm bank and three years later is a wonderful new mother to a beautiful little girl called Lily. Juggling her high powered job and struggling with motherhood when she finds herself with no nanny she sends an SOS to her sister Helen to help her out. Lily soon starts asking about her daddy and who is he and why doesn't she see him. Eloise then decides to go on a mission for Lily...

This book is such an easy read and anyone who loves chick-lits are definitely going to love this one very much. I highly recommend people buy this book and give it a try!

Eloise comes across as such a strong and hard working woman who wants everything to be perfect in her life and then for her daughter Lily to start questioning about her daddy just breaks her heart so she starts her mission to find him.
Lily just came across as such a little cutie who you could just pick up and cuddle her. I love the flow of the writing that Claudia did and it had me just wanting to finish the book quickly just so i could find out what happens on each page hehe. I don't want to give away too much else because I think you should just be able to enjoy it yourself hehe.


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