Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Eighty Days Yellow By Vina Jackson

it was amazing it was amazing it was amazing it was amazing

There has been recently lots of books with stickers saying "If you loved 50 shades you'll love this".. However this book can't really be brought into the same category. The story is a more in depth of how real master/slave roles do play out and it was more a deep read of real "kinky fuckery"

It was very slow to get into but about 40% way through i was starting to warm with Summer & Dominik and reading that their "friendship/relationship" was developing and you could see it was becoming more than just sex which was complicating things..

 Things did change when Summer went to New York and she soon got dissolved in the real kinky side and was soon dragged in the master/slave scene with Victor. I disliked Victor from the start and the opinion never changed, In my eyes he was just a! & Charlotte i disliked a lot too, she was very secretive about videoing their "fucking" sessions which i was glad when Dominik saw and deleted the videos..sneaky bitch she was. Hehe!

Would i carry on reading the series? Hmm not quite sure However maybe i would like carry on to see what happens next with Summer & Dominik..

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