Monday, 18 August 2014

caz's review of "the runaway woman" by josephine cox

I have only read one other book called "three letters" by Josephine Cox and it was so good I thought id read another one of hers! And im really glad I did!

The book is about a mum of two Lucy Lovejoy who lives with her childhood sweetheart husband Martin. Lucy does a lot for her husband and he doesn't really appreciate it.
However martin has been caught having an affair (don't want to spoil it with whom) lucy catches them and runs away from them to take a walk and sits at a unused bus shelter for some space along the way she meets Dave and his sister Nancy.

shortly after there is two deaths in a short period of time (members of lucy lovejoys family). Due to Lucy Lovejoy going through a hard time she runs away. Whilst she runs away to a childhood holiday place she used to visit she bumps back into Dave there and things get steamy!

I really enjoyed this book. I loved all the characters in the book (apart from Paula, until I realised what she is really like, which is better than my previous judgement of her!)
This book definitely gets a ***** stars from me. I couldn't put it down I enjoyed it from start to finish another book josephine cox has written so well!


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