Friday, 22 August 2014

Caz's review of "paper towns" by John Green

Paper Towns by John Green

ok so ive read the fault in our stars and loved it so borrowed paper towns off a relative thinking I should give it a try even though most reviews weren't great!

its about a boy called quentin who fancies a girl called margo. They are neighbours and very good friends who play outside together since the age of 10. Quentin has 2 other good friends "radar" and "ben" they go to school with him and they hang out.
one evening margo wants Quentin to go on a trip with him to get her own back on people that have been mistreating her. They both go on this trip over night, but the next morning margo disappears although this is normal behaviour to her parents Quentin gets really worried. margo leads a trail of hints as to where shes been and where she might be. whether they find her or not you will have to read the book!

I got straight into the book on the first few pages which is a good sign. I thoroughly enjoyed the part where margo and Quentin go on a over night trip to "wind people up" she didn't get on with. I thought it was funny and had me hooked. However when margo disappeared thats when the story started getting repetitive and slightly boring. Although the characters were really well just seemed that Quentin just continued to check these "poems" out "maps" etc it was a continuous thing throughout the rest of the story I understand these were hints but it was constant!

I give this book *** stars because of this fact and also because I didn't like the ending at all! but it wont put me off reading more books from this author.


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