Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Caz's review of "The accidental wife" by Rowan Coleman

The accidental wife by Rowan coleman

This book is about two best friends in school Alison and Catherine. Catherine falls in love with an older guy called marc who turns up one day under a tree where catherine is sitting. Alison is very jealous of catherine and gets her own way and runaways with marc (not mentioning why as it will spoil it) and the girls dont see one another for 15 years.

15 years later alison and catherine both move on and have children of thir own. Alison with her husband Marc and their three children lived in london and catherine with her husband Jimmy and their two children live in Farmington. Marc decides he wants alison to move with him back to farmington to be nearer to catherine, despite knowing that catherine still lives there and she will have to face her at some point.

I loved both alison and catherine they had a great friendship and alison was quite a funny character. Catherine was married to Jimmy who alison fancied since school. so when they finally see one another thanks to kirsty (Catherines next door neighbour) it does seem a bit strange to the both of them but kirsty and her witty personality makes it easier for them.

I hated Jimmy's mum who spoke nastily about catherine and hated marc with a passion for how he treated Alison. however despite all that I thought the book was very well written took me a good 100 pages to get into it but once I was into it the pages were just turning. I shall definitely be reading more from Rowan Coleman. It gets a 4 **** rating from me as i would of liked to now what happened to marc at the end. but other than that is was great!


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