Friday, 29 August 2014

Caz's review of "The patchwork marriage" by Jane Green

Jane green's writting is brilliant her books have you hooked from page 1. shes such a good author!

this book is about a couple Ethan and Andi who get married and andi takes on being step mum to Ethan's kids Emily and Sophia. Andi can not have any children herself so she looks to Ethan's kids as her own as the birth mother of his kids is an alcoholic.
Emily is a typical teenage girl that resents her dad for marrying Andi. She makes Andi's life difficult to the point where Andi nearly walks out on her marriage.
But something changes in Andi's life because of something that happens to Emily which changes things.

I loved all the characters in this book there wasnt one I didnt dislike. The book was so easily written and I couldnt put it down. I loved the ending aswell it was perfect thats why im giving it j***** stars I will definitely continue to read more from this author.


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