Friday, 3 May 2013 Bookshelf Review : United State Of Love By Sue Fortin

Title: United State Of Love
Author: Sue Fortin
Publication Date: July 2012

When the past and present collide, love is the casualty. Why? Since splitting from her husband, single mum Anna Barnes is enjoying her new found freedom and independence. Now she can concentrate on looking after her teenage son and building up her career. However, she didn't bank on working for Tex Garcia. The gorgeous American chef is getting the locals hot under the collar and not just because of his culinary prowess!
Beneath that handsome exterior, however, lies a man haunted by his past. Tex can't commit and women pass through his life like dishes going out to service. So what is it about Anna that's different? Can Tex break her self-imposed rule of never mixing business with pleasure and add some spice into the mix? Or is Anna's ex set to spoil the recipe altogether by turning up apparently seeking reconciliation? Is everything as it seems?

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Firstly I want to thank Janice Horton for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Bookshelf Reviewer and giving me the chance to read and review Sue Fortin's United State Of Love. I enjoyed this book a lot, I giggled, smiled, frowned, screamed and cried while reading this but i generally did love it!
We meet Anna Barnes a single mum looking after her teenage son but also enjoying her freedom and independence from splitting from her husband ex footballer player Mark, gets a new client of the ever so handsome Tex Garcia an American chef hoping to open a new restaurant with the help of Anna, but when Anna's husband comes back to pester and beg, how will it play between Anna's and Tex's chemistry? ...

This book is great, I loved the style of writing, Sue definitely knew how to keep us readers interested, Boy I was. I got to say I did feel a bit sorry for Anna because some of the things I didn't think she deserved or needed that happening in her life, she just needed Happiness, which I was glad by the end hehe. She certainly was my favourite character in the story and my least favourite was Christine... Eurgh what a witch she was. . . If you read you will understand completely what I mean. Not a nice woman at all, but we all have to have a baddy in our favourite books eh?

I just you all to read United State Of Love, it has plenty of laughs and emotion that you will probably remember for a while. Thank you Sue for such a wonderful book. I would to read more of Tex and Anna though maybe in the future? hehe!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful read. Thanks so much for the review!

  2. I agree with you Abbey. I enjoyed reading this book too. Well done, Sue!

  3. Thank you for such a fantastic review, so glad you enjoyed it and, yes, Christine is a complete witch - what a perfect description of her!

  4. Super review! I loved this book!

    Mandy x

  5. What a lovely chatty review - I feel as if you just sat down next to me, having closed the book, and told me how much you enjoyed your time reading it. Sounds like a really great holiday read - romance and fun. Love the clever title, by the way, Sue.

  6. This sounds to me like a great read - thanks for the review Abbey - there's nothing better in my opinion than a complete witch of a character to balance up an emotional romance. It's on my Kindle!

  7. Loved your review, Abbey. I agree with Miriam it's like you sat down next to me and talked about it. I'm looking forward to more reviews from you. Sorry to hear you had the flu. I had it at Easter and it knocked me for six so I know how you felt.

  8. A lovely review for an excellent book that should be on everyone's TBR list! Thanks, Abbey!

  9. Fabulous review, I loved this book too. Huge congrats to Sue and thank to Abbey for posting! XX

  10. Ooh, Sue! Another FAB review! Huge CONGRATS! Thanks, Abbey for your lovely insight into United State of Love - and for sharing! :) xx

  11. Lovely review Abbey, great style and you give a real flavour for how much you enjoyed this novel!

  12. Sounds like a great novel Sue, well done.

  13. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. xx