Thursday, 23 May 2013

Author Interview with Paige Toon

This week I have had the ever so lovely pleasure of having Paige Toon stop by my blog for a few questions, Here's what she had to say....Hi Paige, I am such a big fan of your books, I adore them all and they are the type of books I love that I can read over and over again which I think many of your readers can relate to.
Q) What made you decide to start writing books?
A)I've wanted to write for as long as I can remember. It was a childhood dream, so it was one of the happiest days of my life when I got a book deal.

2) Before writing, what did you use to do?

A) I worked at Heat magazine as Reviews Editor, which was such good fun. I used to be able to review pretty much any film, book, TV show, album, dvd that I liked. The freebies were awesome! I would have continued to work there and write novels simultaneously, but I had a baby and decided not to go back to work. I know how lucky I am to have a job that works around being a parent.~Q) Out of all the books you have written, which did you love writing & researching the most & why?
A) It would probably have to be Lucy in the Sky, because I was on such a high, having got a book deal. Within weeks of signing, I went to Australia for my mum's birthday. She and I went to Sydney to research Lucy and it was so much fun deciding where Lucy would live, where Nathan would live, where Molly would work, where they'd all go out. I felt like I knew them and I've tried to do that for every book since. I also loved researching One Perfect Summer because I moved to Cambridge at the point in the story that Alice does and it was so amazing researching the city that had become my home.
Q) Could you tell us a little sneak bit about your next book?
A) It's called Thirteen Weddings (Apr 2014) and it's about a wedding photographer who falls in love with a groom. The main character is called Bronte, and you heard of her in Pictures of Lily when Lily went to work at Marbles magazine. Bronte was the editorial assistant who Lily covered for and she later went for the Picture Assistant role. But my actual next book (Feb 2014) is the young adult series about Johnny Jefferson's 15-year-old daughter that he never knew he had. All of the details are on if you're interested.

Q) Which favourite place/country from your books, do you love the most?
A) It would have to be Australia because I grew up there and still consider it home. I absolutely love Key West, though, and had such a great time researching The Longest Holiday.

Q) If you was stuck on a desert island what would be the 4 items you could have?

A) I'd only need one: Bear Grylls! He'd show me how to survive. I could do with some chocolate and a couple of books, too. Oh, and lip salve. Ok, so I wouldn't just need Bear after all...

Q) Are you currently reading anything atm, if so is it worth a recommendation?

A) I'm reading The Omnivore's Dilemma - a book group recommendation. It's very well written and interesting but to be honest, I'm only about 4% into it on my Kindle as I just want to switch off when I'm reading a book, not concentrate!
8) If you could describe all your books in 10 words what would they be?
  A) Fun, summery, around-the-world, beach-reads, love triangles, tear-jerkers. (I'm counting tear-jerkers as one word, even though it's hyphenated!)

Q)  What season do you love the most? Spring? Summer? Autumn? Winter?

A) Spring, because of all the blossom on the trees - so beautiful. And lately the weather in spring in the UK has been better than in the summer!
Q)  With all your characters, do you always feel you can relate to them in some sort of way?

A) Always. I'm inside their heads when I'm writing their stories – I'm trying to think like they would think. Naturally they all have a little piece of me in them, too.

Q) Are you a paperback kinda girl or a Kindle fanatic? 

A) I got a Kindle for Christmas and I have to say, at the moment, I'm a little bit converted. I never thought I would be. But I love having this nifty little device which fits into my handbag and gives me a whole bunch of books at my fingertips! Look forward to seeing you too! xxx
~ Thank you so much Paige for dropping by, Fab answers & will see you on Saturday 22nd June 2013 for book signing in Manchester. 
The Longest Holiday is out now!!


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  1. I love this cover. I haven't read Paige's books but will now. Thx for the interview. SD