Thursday, 30 May 2013

Author Interview with Lindsey Kelk

I had the ever so lovely pleasure of Interviewing the ever so fashionable Lindsey Kelk, author of the 'I heart' series and the single girls to do list. Here are the wonderful questions I asked and what Lindsey replied back with.

1)     With your new book About a Girl due out 4th July, please could you tell us a little bit about it?
It’s a funny, summery adventure about a girl called Tess who has her entire life turned upside down. When she loses her job and the love of her life all in one week, she makes a pretty drastic decision… hilarity ensues.

2) If you could describe About a Girl in 5 words, what would they be?

Funny, escapist, fun (totally different to funny), romantic and hopeful.

3) What Inspired you to become a writer and follow your dream?

I’ve always been a writer, ever since I as tiny, but I never thought it would ever be a career option. I wrote I Heart New York when I was bored senseless with everything else in my life. Once it was finished, I gave it to a friend to read and she pushed me to try to publish. It really was the book that inspired me to try.

4) Out of all your books, which did you love writing and researching about the most?
They all have their pros and cons! I Heart New York definitely felt the best when I was writing it because there was no pressure or expectation but researching About A Girl in Hawaii was pretty incredible.

5) Which travel destination do you love and why?
I love to travel so it’s hard to choose one place. New York is my home but it’s also my favourite place to play tourist. I also love Austin, Texas, LA and of course, Hawaii. I’ve never been much of a beach person but Hawaii transformed me completely. I want to be there, all of the time. It is heaven.

6) What are you currently reading? Is it worth recommending?
Ha, I’m actually reading The Intferno and Catcher in the Rye. Don’t ask me why but yes, they’re both worth it. Next up, I have The Rosie Project, I’ve heard good things.

7) With another "I heart" book out later this year, can you give us a little sneak of what is happening with Angela & Alex this time?

I could but then I’d have to kill you.

8) Are you a Kindle Fanatic or still love a good paperback?
I have a Kindle and love it when I’m traveling but I still love a proper book, paperback, hardback, I’m not fussy.

9) What inspried you to write the "I heart" series?
I was bored! Once I was half way through the first book, I knew I wanted to write a series, I just loved the characters so much.

10) Your a British Girl at heart but now live in New York (which by the way, Im rather Jel! hehe) which do you prefer?
I cannot tell a lie, New York is home now but I’ll always been British, I’m from Yorkshire for god’s sake, there’s no getting rid of that…

11) What 5 items could you never be without?
I’d like to think I could manage without anything but I do seem awfully reliant on my iPhone, passport, lipbalm, sunscreen and laptop.

12) Do you ever wonder whether the "I heart" series will ever be made into films? (which would be totally awesome hehe!) 
I do wonder… we shall see…

13) If you ever have spare time from writing, what do you love doing or seeing in New York?

I hardly ever have spare time, it’s rubbish! But when I do, every spare second is spent with my friends which means they usually set the agenda. I’m very well fed, big fan of brunch and I’m familiar with lots of New York’s bars… I went to the museum of Natural History recently which is awesome and yesterday I snuck out and went to sit in Prospect Park for an hour. It was the first really sunny day and it was packed, even at six in the evening. We love our parks in New York.

About a Girl is out 4th July, You can preorder now!!
Paperback      Kindle

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