Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cheryl : My Story

Title: My Story
Author: Cheryl Cole
Publication Date: October 2012
Publisher: Harper

For the first time Cheryl tells her full story, her way. Revealing the truth behind the headlines, this is the only official autobiography, giving the fans the true story they've been waiting for. Includes exclusive, personal photos.
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I've had this sat in my TBR pile for a while now and kept putting it off for reading but I finally got round to reading it this week, and I am shocked why I didn't decide to read this sooner, First of all, People who aren't fans of Cheryl aren't going to enjoy this, I'll be honest, However for the real fans then you will enjoy this so much, as its the one and only autobiography that gives you the truth right from the beginning.

I loved how I got to read things from her childhood and how tough it was in the Geordie areas of Newcastle and the rise of drugs as Cheryl was growing was horrible to read with having a family member go through I knew exactly how Cheryl felt when her childhood boyfriend, friends got hooked on the worst drug ever Heroin but she never once gave up her dream of being a star one day!

This is one autobiography I am not going to forget in a heartbeat, I loved it, Cheryl is certainly an inspirational woman with plenty of strength who pushes herself back if she hits rock bottom!
Ladies out in the world need to take a leaf in Cheryl's steps I tell you. Cheryl is completely honest all the way through this book whether its in her childhood and how tough her mam coped or her marriage or what really went down on American X factor, Cheryl is true to her word in her autobiography.

For Cheryl's Soldiers out there, You will truly adore this and be inspired by Cheryl so much. In my opinion after reading this, I actually admire Cheryl so much and is a true role model.
I Salute You!

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