Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Falcon Falls By Vivien Sparx

Title: The Falcon Falls
Author: Vivien Sparx
Publication Date: 24th January 2013
Kindle Edition

Who is Hector Knight?

Willow Everingham can't stop dreaming about her handsome boss, but Hector Knight is much more than just a gorgeous businessman. And when Willow discovers Hector's incredible secret, she is hurled headlong into a desperate adventure that reaches it's gripping climax on a desolate island in the Mediterranean, where an ancient mystery ignites a blaze of erotic lust, passion greed. . .and ultimately a love that has spanned the centuries.
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Another Fantastic story by Vivien. I loved and adored it!! I was so happy when Vivien sent me a copy to review, I was very excited. It isn't your typical erotic romance story but it was still fantastically and beautifully written.

We meet Willow Everingham who is a personal assistant to Hector Knight a gorgeous businessman but has a secret but can he trust Willow enough to let her in the secret? Willow keeps having erotic dreams about her boss and what she craves so much from him.
Willow and Hector soon head to a desolate island in the Mediterranean where there is plenty of ancient mystery going on straight in front of Willows eyes. Together they experience and figure things out from the ancient story of the legend of Ba'al & Tanit, priests and priestesses of Carthage and the whole vision of love incarnate that is beautifully entwined together. Love is a very strong and possessive feeling.

This was so amazing, I left feeling very amazed reading about their sexual tension and how erotic their relationship ends up getting, but it is so beautiful at the same. I loved the characters Willow and Hector and how their chemistry worked and how Vivien wrote this book ever so amazing even though not so many pages but still leaves you feeling very gripped and wanting more from them..especially the way Vivien just leaves the ending with such a climax..

This book is definitely different to any of Vivien's other books but however it has plenty of mystery and love to be such a fantastic book. I hope to read more on Willow & Hector. Come on please Vivien! hehe :)

Now I have a great competition to win your very own E-copy of The Falcon Falls, I have 3 e-copies to give away. The Winners will be picked at random.


  1. Thank you for this giveaway!

    I just discovered this author so I would like the chance to read one of her books. I read a few reviews on amazon and most of them are 5 stars so i'm very curious about this story.

    I added it to my TBR list but like any bookworm my book budget is in the red with all these amazing books coming out. Winning it would be awesome!

  2. I love all of Vivien's books. Hope I win!