Monday, 25 February 2013

Midnight Breed Series By Lara Adrian

Now these books I have to thank my lovely best friend Kaylie for introducing me to the midnight breed books by Lara Adrian. At first I thought I may not like them and not finish reading the series, However I was mistakenly wrong, They are amazing reads!! I Recommend anybody read them, You will not be wrong, If you want to read about sexy, dark, dangerous and gorgeous male vampires then  these books are for you!

There is 11 books in total at the moment, A recent book comes out tomorrow and it is amazing!

Each book has one vampire from The Order in which the midnight breed protect their town. Each story is about each breed and also their female that they meet and cannot live without. These are highly addictive!

Here is a list of the Midnight Breed Males && Books
1) Lucan Thorne/Gabrielle (Kiss of Midnight)
2) Dante/Tess (Kiss of Crimson)
3) Tegan/Elise (Midnight Awakening)
4) Rio/Dylan (Midnight Rising)
5) Nikolai/Renata (Veil of Midnight)

6) Andreas Reichen/Claire (Ashes of Midnight)
7) Kade/Alexandra (Shades of Midnight)
8) Brock/Jenna (Taken by Midnight)
9) Hunter/Corinne (Deeper than Midnight) 

Brannoc/Danika (Short Story - A Taste Of Midnight)

10)  Sterling Chase (Darker after Midnight)
11) Kellan/Mira (Edge of Dawn) - 2013

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