Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Her Master's Kiss 2 By Vivien Sparx

Title: Her Master's Kiss 2
Author: Vivien Sparx
Kindle Edition

For Renee, settling in to life as Stefan's submissive is full of challenges - and her dark sexy master is keen to ensure Renee learns her lessons well! But even as Stefan struggles to come to terms with emotional demons and open himself up to Renee, a sudden dark shadow from Stefan's past appears, forcing the couple to confront their greatest fears, and challenging them to face their real feelings for each other.

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I was glad when Vivien asked me to read and review her books. After finishing Her Master's Kiss, I couldn't wait to carry on the story with the second one straight away, We follow on in Renee's and Stefan's lives as Master and Slave and Renee still being taught submissive lessons but soon Stefan's past life is about to haunt him when Larry Maddox with his submissive Tink comes to stay with Stefan and Renee and call in a "favour" from Stefan, Things slowly start to bring a dark cloud and get horrible..

I loved this book ever so much, Yes it did bring a few tears to my eyes at some points but it will have you gripped once again from the very first chapter and by the very end page you will be left feeling very emotional and full of suspense.
I loved the style of writing and how Vivien made each chapter so gripping and full of passion and drama and plenty of suspense that you just never know what was going to happen next. I feel very sorry for Tink, who is Larry's slave in this story the way she has been treated by him and how she is so vulnerable and timid young woman who doesn't have anything else in life but him.

I thought the idea of the bracelet was fantastic, showing Stefan's more caring side by giving Renee the bracelet letting himself losen up a bit and letting Renee come closer into his life which in the end brought Stefan back to his old loving and caring self.

If you cannot stop her in mid stride with but a single glance . . . .
If you cannot take her breath away with but a single word . . . .
If you cannot drop her to her knees with but a single gesture . . . .
If you cannot make her body quiver with but a single touch . . . .

Then all the toys and tools in the world will do you no good.
Find her mind, grasp her heart, and her body and soul will surrender. - Shimmer.

The best quote from this story which left an imprint in my mind all the way through this book.

Once again I was left feeling very blown away by Stefan's and Renee's relationship but was left loving them both all over again. I promise you all must go read these books, You will not be disappointed. .

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