Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Coming Home For Christmas by Julia Williams Blog Tour

Today I am part of Coming Home for Christmas' Blog Tour, Now firstly the cover is so pretty and so full of glitter which sparkles! Now people who are fans of Julia's books will remember Cat,Pippa and Marianne from A Merry Little Christmas so It was great to catch up with them.

The three friends are all dreading Christmas...

Cat needs to get off the ‘has-been’ heap and rescue her flagging TV career but the demands of her extended family are reaching fever pitch and she barely has time to breathe. Meanwhile, Pippa has got too many balls to juggle as a struggling single mum trying to hang on to her family farm. And Marianne’s marriage is looking distinctly rocky now her beloved husband’s ex is back on the scene.

Happy Christmas? Forget it.
But Christmas is a time for miracles, and when the villagers learn they must fight for what they love, it becomes clear that there is festive magic in the air.
Suddenly for Cat, Pippa and Marianne, it’s looking like it might just be a Christmas to remember …

Coming home for Christmas was great, It was nice to catch up with Cat,Pippa and Marianne but also catch up with whats been going on in Hope Christmas although this year is going to be a tough one for them when a building company LK Holdings want to build a hotel on the fields behind Pippa & Dan's farm which could be disaster for the farm. The Village all come together with Pippa being the lead of stopping them.

I loved reading this book so much! It wasn't an uplifting book until near the end. It was quite serious as the village didn't know what was going to happen to them with LK Holdings wanting to buy people in the village out.
I loved reading Dan's diary and how he was coping after his accident in which he's pushed his wife/ex Pippa as he wants her to be happy and he feels he's letting her down..which is so heartbreaking to read.

I would recommend anybody to read this book! If you haven't read any of Julia's books you can still read Coming Home For Christmas on its own, the characters and story line is easy to follow without having to read the other books.
I am a fan of Julia Williams' books as she definitely knows how to get us in the festive mood and connecting with the characters.

Coming Home For Christmas is 4 twinkling, glittering, heartbreaking, tough love stars
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  1. I haven't ready any of her books. Which do you recommend?