Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Stationery Feature: Designed by Natalie

Today I wanted to do a different blog post, as a lot of you know I have a love for stationery and I am always buying a new notebook or new pens even though I probably already have a massive pile! Stationery Feature will be an occurring post on my blog featuring different products or hauls of what I have bought. I want to share my love of stationery with you all. 

I first met Natalie Spencer creator of Designed by Natalie through a very good friend and I really adored the work she does and I couldn't wait to buy some of her products myself! 
You will probably remember my 1st Blogiversary...Yeah? 

Natalie designed my 1st Blogiversary poster

Designed key-rings, notepads, postcards and bookmarks for my 1st Blogiversary

 Everything Natalie does is taken into great detail and she makes everything so perfect! I have always loved everything I have bought from Natalie. I have bought a range of products from Natalie in the past; phone case, Diaries for myself & for friends as presents, Notebooks. The best thing is Natalie can personalise them to have your name for £8.

Last Christmas my lovely & one of my best friends Zoe had a diary made with my name on and a christmas card too..which i loved soo much! Seeing presents like this make me happy & smile so much.

I bought myself a phone case with 3 of my best friends & myself on there and a cute little notebook that I could jot down anything important or reviews.

Just this month I have bought a new 2015 diary personalised for my blog MissBookworm Reviews so I can keep up to date with blog tours, book reviews and other features I want to do for my blog. I just love the colours & I am going to be showing it to everybody hehe!
I have also bought two more products which are personalised for my friends for Christmas which I cannot wait to see their faces hehe :D


Natalie is a really lovely girl who has made such a success in this business & is continuing to grow all the time.
She doesn't just do Notebooks & Diaries.. She makes Cards for every occasion and you can have them personalised, Portrait orders, Christmas Stockings, Books..lots of things.
Want to see more products of what Natalie makes?
go check out her Facebook Page: Natalie Spencer Design

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