Thursday, 4 September 2014

Caz's review of "tempting fate" by Jane Green

Tempting fate by Jane Green

Yet another GREAT read by Jane Green. I was hooked again by page 1.

The story is about a married couple Gabby and Elliott. They live in america (although Gabby is english and from london) with their two daughters Olivia and Alanna. During the story Gabby and Elliott are going through a "boring" part of the marriage and they both especially Gabby needs some excitement. However Gabby doesn't realise she would find that excitement in a pub. She meets Matt a boss of a social networking site and they click instantly. They both end up being email buddys and exchanging emails every day!
Until one day Matt decides to meet Gabby again as he enjoyed her company (he knew she had a husband so it was just friends) however her husband Elliott had to go on a work trip away and so Gabby decides to meet up with Matt. Little does she know she is about to make the biggest mistake of her life and ruin her marriage! im not going to say no more as dont want to ruin it for readers that want to read this book!

I loved all the characters. I could really understand and agree with the family life within Gabby and Elliott. The daughters were typical teenage daughters which made it even more realistic. I loved Gabbys mum Natasha she was funny! it was a very realistic read and probably something that happens on a regular basis within a family home. Jane Green is one of my favourite authors having read a few of hers. Its a book I couldnt put down and when I did I kept wanting to pick it up to see what happens next! its a definate ***** stars again from me!


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