Friday, 23 August 2013

Book Review: Deep Blue Sea by Tasmina Perry

Title: Deep Blue Sea
Author: Tasmina Perry
Publisher: Headline
Publication Date: 18th July 2013

Passionate. Explosive. Impossible to put down. Tasmina Perry is back with her most spectacular novel yet.

Beneath the shimmering surface lies a dark secret...

Diana and Julian Denver have the world at their feet. With a blissful marriage, a darling son and beautiful homes in London and the country, Diana's life, to the outside world, is perfect. But nothing is as it seems...
When Julian dies suddenly and tragically, Diana is convinced there is more to it than meets the eye. She calls on the one person she had never wanted to see again - her sister, Rachel.
A former tabloid reporter, Rachel appears to be living the dream as a diving instructor on a Thai island. The truth is she's in exile, estranged from her family and driven from her career by Fleet Street's phone-hacking scandal.
For Rachel, Diana's request opens old wounds. But she is determined to make amends for the past, and embarks on a treacherous journey to uncover the truth - wherever it may lead...

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This would be the first time I have ever read a Tasmina Perry book before, It was recommend by someone from work that I should start reading her books because she is a fab writer, So I thought hey ho I'd give it a go.

I love all the covers of her most recent books because they are just truly beautiful with the lovely colours of sunsets, or sunrises with a beach. Truly amazing covers that will grab any readers attention.

I'v got to say I adored this so much, I was a bit worried that I may not like and I'll admit I was comparing Her books to Jackie Collins, However Tasmina, You are the better author ;) tehe!
Deep Blue Sea is very fast pacing with plenty of things going on the chapters, I wasn't sure whether I would be able to keep up with the book with the chapters always flicking back and forth with each character, However It was very easy to be drawn in with this book and get so involved with the characters as though you knew them in person.

I'll certainly read more of Tasmina Perry's book in future, superb read for sure! I never knew what the ending could be like I just hoped Diana & Rachel made up but also found their own happy endings. I don't want to give too much away as I feel that with books every one can experience the book themselves.

To sum Deep Blue Sea in words I would say dark secrets, mystery, love && Passion. It is a fantastic read which will have you hooked in minutes!

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