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Fiction Addiction Book Tour: Guest Post by Alana Cash Author of How You Leave Texas

Today's Fiction Addiction Book Tour Kicks off with me featuring Alana Cash on a Guest post talking about her new book How You Leave Texas.

Alana Cash tells us about her new book How You Leave Texas and also why she started writing..
When you write a book and title it HOW YOU LEAVE TEXAS, people could think that your characters leave in a trail of dust, shouting, “I’m outta here!”  But, in fact, my characters don’t spend any time disparaging the state of Texas and they leave because of family dramas and hope to find a better future.

While living in Texas, its faults are clear and present – the heat, the predominance of masculine social culture, the heat.  But when I’m away, what comes to mind is the beauty of the land, the sunny sky with white, white clouds, the slow pace, the lack of congestion that allows for more time with friends and less time in traffic, the rivers and lakes, the Mexican food in San Antonio, the barbecue in Dripping Springs, the good manners that people show.  And I remember the good times.

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas and I’ve left the state and returned to live in different cities…San Antonio, Midland, and Austin.  I even spent a year in Dallas.  While I was growing up there, I had a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun as an adult.  Granted, I was taught boys will be boys and girls will be-have and I missed out on drumming lessons and had a curfew (unlike my brother), but I still did a lot of daring things and had a lot of adventure while maintaining a semblance of respectability.

I created the blog (  to record my own good times and memories, and I’ve invited all Texans – native and otherwise – and any and all of you who love Texas to write and share their stories as well. 

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