Monday, 17 June 2013

Book Chapter Preview: Untitled by Kaylie O'connor

So my ever so lovely best friend Kaylie O'Connor is a huge reading fanatic and is always reading whether its on her Kindle or paperbacks. She is a huge fan of dangerous & sexy Vampires and their demons ;), the types of books she loves are the likes of Lara Adrian, Gena Showalter & Donna Grant.
However, Kaylie has started writing her own book, putting pen to paper and would like all you lovely readers to read a sneak preview of her first book...which hopefully will be finished later this year!! It is currently without a title but she has a few names for it under wraps atm.
Believe me, I cannot wait for this to be in paperback, It is superb and I hope you all enjoy too...

The heat of the flames licked at his skin, like liquid fire he could feel it coursing through his veins searing him in agony as it went. Darkness consumed him as the thick, choking smoke clung to his body. He was underground that much was certain. The sound of a woman’s screams could be heard echoing around him. The pain in her cries enveloped him in a misery unlike any he’d ever known, it gave him the urgent sense to run to her. He roared in anger, his inner Sin urging him on to break the bonds that held him. The metal bit into his skin drawing rivulets of crimson blood. The pain did not matter he had to save her, but who was she?

Tristan woke in a sweat, his bed sheets wound around his legs after another fitful sleep. He pressed his palms to his eyes as if trying to force the lingering of the nightmare from his memory. For the third night in a row he’d been plagued by the same dream, the same sense of urgency to find the girl. His heart constricted at the thought of her cries. He’d had visions such as this before, viewing them as yet another punishment for his past. Something was coming, something important. He pushed himself from his bed and padded bare footed to the bathroom. Starring in the mirror he saw the reflection he’d grown to despise. He hated who he was, who he’d been and what he’d been forced to become. He splashed a handful of cool water to his face trying to refresh his tired looking eyes. 

He sighed as he turned on the shower. He seriously needed to get his head straight. Removing his clothes he stepped under the hot jets of water and let them scorch his skin. Bracing his head and hands against the cool tiled wall of the shower he turned his thoughts to the girl from his dream. Crystal blue eyes framed in thick black lashes. He’d only glimpsed her eyes but once in the visions never her face. But her eyes, what a beauty they were, hypnotic, and a sight he had tried to dream of again since but always unable to. Every fibre of his being needed to see them again, to see her again. If only he could know who she was.

WOW...what did you think? want or need more?
Let me know what you think..

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