Sunday, 2 December 2012

When I Fall In Love By Miranda Dickinson

Elsie Maynard never expected to starting again...

But eighteen months on from the biggest challenge of her, she is doing just that - because she made a promise to the person who believed in her the most.
Determined to step into her uncertain future, Elsie meets handsome Oliver Hogarth who seems intent on winning her heart and inadvertently founds a choir.
Then a heartfelt request brings her to Paris - and the final item on 'The List' she never dared complete. Can Elsie follow her heart and put her past to rest?

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So we meet the lovely Elsie Maynard who's recently had a heartbreak and it had taken her eighteen months to recover with the lovely help of her dad Jim, and her sisters Daisy and Guin and also her Boss Cher Pettinger owner of Sundae & Cher. In the opening chapter we read that Elsie getting in trouble for Thieft from a shop however a stranger near by stops to help her and makes the security guy forget about it. The handsome stranger called Torin Stewart her knight in shining armour who she thinks is a complete weirdo...
 Elsie starts to make a fresh start in her life by starting to read little messages from a box that her husband left her before he died from Cancer.. step by step Elsie starts to rebuild her life by starting a Choir with her great friend Woody, creating them to recruite people to join their choir.. in the mean time her family and friends feel the need to start setting her up on blind dates...where she meets the lovely Olly Hogarth...

I am a big Miranda Dickinson fan, Iv read all of her books she has ever written and Loved them all so I knew I couldn't be dissapointed with this one either. I was lucky enough when I bought this book to get a copy of the Limited Edition Pink Pages one hehe! Oh how wonderful it brightens the book up! :)

I just loved this book so much, It tugged at my heart strings so much and left me in floods of tears by the end, I loved the flow of writing and how Miranda gets you sucked in the book so much as though you feel like you've known the characters all your life. It was a fantastic read and with all the mix of characters they all just mixed nicely together and you never get confused with which character is who.
I would say Elsie Maynard would have to be my favourite Heroine indeed, she came across as such a lovely woman who is clearly had a tough eighteen months of losing her husband to Cancer and then having to rebuild her life which is what her husband Lucas' wishes were. I felt at times I just needed to give her a big hug and make everything okay. Having lost a family member to Cancer myself I clearly knew how Elsie was going through and how tough it actually can be.
For Elsie and all her choir to get the chance to go to Paris made me smile and dream alot when describing Paris and all the iconic scenic places.

There was some funny parts in the book which will have you giggling and maybe even singing along too hehe! I loved all the flavours of ice cream from Cher's Sundae & Cher business, she did make some weird ones like Horseradish (Ewww!) but then also some rather gorgeous tempting ones too hehe!(Donuts oh yum yum)

I liked that at the end of the story, Miranda included 'The List' that Elsie and Lucas created together, it was cute but also funny to imagine some of the things being done on the list.

I do think this book is a perfect winter read which you will need a box of tissues at the ready.
 You must all grab a copy of this book now! Miranda Dickinson you have done it again, You've wrote a perfect chick lit book that people are going to remember for months n months. This book certainly deserves the 5 star rating it's wonderful romantic and perfect for this winter!
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