Friday, 20 February 2015

Thoughtful by S.C. Stephens Blog Tour

Today I am Part of S.C. Stephens Thoughtful blog tour! If anybody knows who Kellan Kyle or read the thoughtless series then you will be mega excited to read this!

Thoughtful is all about Kellan Kyle's story and how he is this big sexy rockstar and falls in love with his best friend's girlfriend Kiera.. which should be a big no no but he just can't help it!
If anyone read Thoughtless then you will know thats where the story began but that book was from Kiera's point of view, this time its all about Kellan!

I was so excited when the lovely Clara from Little Brown asked me to be part of this blog tour as I've only recently just read the "Thoughtless" Series and loved it so I was thrilled when I was told there was a new book in the series!

Kellan Kyle is one hell of a fine man! He comes across as a typical rockstar just wanting to bang every girl he can lay his eyes on but deep down he wants to settle down and have a girl who he can love forever..

This book is just fantastic! I don't know how much I can talk about this book without telling you everything! You most definitely will love Kellan Kyle by the end of the book and will want to read the other books if you haven't already! I adored Thoughtful so much and while reading it answered so many things I had going through my head when I first read Thoughtless which I knew would only get answered by Kellan in his own story.

Thoughtful has received 5 star rating for being amazing, sexy, blessed with handsome rockstar men and so perfect!!

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Thoughful is out on 24th February
Pre-Order here now!

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