Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Revamped Cover Reveal: New bright and refreshing E-Book Covers by Belinda Jones

Ta-Dah! Here are Belinda Jones' book covers with a new and exciting look for each one!
You will also notice three of the books have changed names

Summer in Greece is Out of the blue

Dancing Girls is Living La Vida Loca

Hollywood Calling is California Dreamers

I am such a big fan of Belinda's book and I think these covers will look beautiful and summery on my Kindle so now I'm off to buy them all!
Psst...they are all out NOW!!

My favourite cover that stands out so much and I love is...... The Paradise Room! 
I want to be swimming in that gorgeous blue sea! 

Now its your turn...which cover do you love the most? 
Write in the comments below and lets show the love for Belinda Jones!

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