Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Cassandra Lopez's Debut Guest Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

The fault in our stars by John green

I was introduced by this book from a relative. So I went on their recommendations. 
The book cover is bright and eye catching with clouds!
Picked it up from waterstones at half price - bargain!

The fault in our stars is about a young girl called Hazel Grace who has cancer of the lungs. She attends a cancer kid support group regularly where she meets a boy called Augustus Waters, without giving too much information out, she becomes very close with Augustus.

In this book, Hazel re-reads a book called "an imperial affiliation" by Peter Van Houten. She decides because the book didn't end properly she sends the author fan mail. She gets nothing back - however Augustus gets involved after Hazel asks him to read the book, without giving too much away for anyone who hasn't read the book!

This book is all about children dying of cancer (and surviving) so it is a sad novel. I thoroughly liked the character "Isaac" he has cancer of the eyes, however despite that he is a very bubbly character. Both Hazel`s and Augustus`s parents were very understanding. 
The film to this book is coming out soon I shall be watching it when it comes out!

I thoroughly recommend this book it's sad, but funny at times, I couldn't put it down! I read the book in 3 days! It gets a definite  didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it didn't like it  stars from me!


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