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Book Review: Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon

Title: Johnny Be Good
Author: Paige Toon
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Publication Date: October 2008
If your boss was the hottest rock star on the planet, would you mix business with pleasure?

I'm Meg Stiles. This is my leaving party. And that song we're making a mockery of? That's written by one of the biggest rock stars in the world. And I'm moving in with him tomorrow.
Seriously! I am not even joking. Well, maybe I'm misleading you a little bit. You see, I haven't actually met him yet...
No, I'm not a stalker. I'm his new PA. His Personal Assistant. And I am off to La-La Land. Los Angeles. The City of Angels—whatever you want to call it—and I can't bloody believe it!
Celebrity PA to wild boy of rock Johnny Jefferson, Meg's glam new life in sun-drenched LA is a whirlwind of showbiz parties and backstage passes. Cool, calm Christian, in town to write his famous friend's biography, helps keep Meg's feet firmly on the ground. But with Johnny's piercing green eyes and a body Brad Pitt would kill for, how long will it be before she's swept right off them again?

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I am 100% huge huge fan of Paige Toon's Books, I have now read every single book by her for now and cannot wait for more of her reads.
Now I know Johnny be good has been out a while but I only recently managed to buy it when I met Paige in person at her recent book signing in Manchester, I even managed to get the new book cover hehe, It is truly gorgeous cover and I couldn't wait to dive straight in this book.

So we meet Meg Stiles who is about to become Personal Assistant to one of the biggest rock stars in the world...Johnny Jefferson, a bad boy who thinks he's very cool but also a true womaniser. Meg moves to Los Angeles to live in his house, Can she tame the wild boy that he is or is he going to be too hard to control? Only time will tell..

I adored this so so so much! I am shocked that I never got to read it before now, Johnny Jefferson is such a playboy rock star and some of the things he says or does had me giggling because he knows he could just get away with it. I loved Meg Stiles, she is truly an amazing main character in this book with her being PA to Johnny and having to read his fan mail, to booking places for him and even accompanying him to special events.
Meg is clearly a down to earth girl who is very friendly and certainly does not fancy Jefferson as she had to keep telling all her friends and family..them not being too convinced... Meg clearly has balls and won't put up with Jefferson's drunken slob state and certainly not his drug phase either.

I loved meeting Christian too in this book, he being an old childhood friend of Johnny's who's a journalist/writer and is currently writing Johnny's biography..he such a calm person and him & Meg are such two peas in a pod which was so cute, because you know they were going to grow so close...however I was rooting for Johnny & Meg all the time...! hehe.
Paige writes in such a way you can easily warm to all the characters and the chapters flow so easy. Johnny be good is surely an terrific read in which I soon grabbed Baby be mine right after wards hehe! A twist at the end....Paige you little devil hehe!
For big fans of Paige Toon will have already probs read this, but for any of my readers who haven't found Paige Toon's books..then don't hesitate to go buy this..because you are going to love it...Trust me!

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