Tuesday, 13 November 2012

An Autumn Crush By Milly Johnson

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In the heart of the windy season, four friends are about to get swept off their feet...

Newly single after a bruising divorce, Juliet Miller moves into a place of her own and advertises for a flatmate, little believing that, in her mid- thirties, she'll find anyone suitable. Then, just as she's about to give up hope, along comes self-employed copywriter Floz, and the two women hit it off straight away.

When Juliet's gentle giant of a twin brother, Guy , meets Floz, he falls head over heels. But, as hard as he tries to charm her, his foot seems to be permanently in his mouth. Meanwhile, Guy's best friend Steve has always had a secret crush on Juliet - one which could not be more unrequited if it tried...

As Floz and Juliet's friendship deepens, and Floz becomes a part of the Miller family, can Guy turn her affection for them into something more-into love for him? And what will happen to Steve's heart when Juliet eventually catches the eye of Piers - the man of her dreams? 

First ever book I read by Milly Johnson was White Wedding and I just knew reading this book I wasn't going to be disappointed. Milly Johnson is a fabulous writer and in her books she always has you hooked from the first chapter. This book had me giggling alot, We meet the lovely twin brother and sister Juliet and Guy Miller who have their own fare share of problems, Guy's best friend Steve, The mad and rather lovely gay best friend of Juliet's, we meet the rest of the wonderful Miller family and Also the love mad Floz too.

Juliet being a newly single after a bruising divorce and has her new place but needs a new roommate? So her and her gay best friend Coco are interviewing at the start of the chapter a possible new roommate and Juliet is about to give up when the lovely Floz arrives and wants to move in!
Guy has his problem with wanting to buy his restaurant and trying to save the money for it seems to tire him out at all but also when he meets Floz, he tries everything to charm her..will it work in his favour? he also has his lovely best friend Steve who has an alcoholic mother is always asking him to help out at the wrestling matches and he has his own little crush on Juliet..what chemistry will happen between those two?
From the start I just loved all these four characters, I just knew it would be a happy ending either way, The chapters flow so easily with each character as you get to know them more and more,Even at times I felt I already knew them in person. With this book you will have plenty of laughs and giggles but you will also will experience some sadness and heartbreak of real things that happen in life like internet dating, Dysfunctional families,addiction and lots more.

I just couldn't put this book down at all, I was even kept up till silly o'clock in the morning hooked with every chapter and eager for more!
I certainly would recommend any body to read a book by Milly, She is a wonderful author and Im definitely purchasing more of her books soon! tehe!

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