Saturday, 22 June 2013

Book Signing: Paige Toon at Waterstones Manchester Arndale

Well this morning I had a very early morning start, 6.30am to be exact, to get ready to head to Manchester for Paige Toon's book signing eeeek! Yes I was very excited when I found out a few months ago that Paige would be coming to Manchester I couldn't wait to grab the chance to go! 1) It was my first ever book signing I had been to 2) Paige Toon is like one of my favourite author's of all time, so I couldn't possibly miss this chance. So off me & my daddy headed off with my copy of The Longest Holiday in my arms.

So I got to Waterstones in Manchester Arndale Center for 8.50am, and Yes I was one of the first one's to be there with my daddy, then another girl came not long after me, Come 9am when the store opened I asked one of the member's of staff to go, he pointed to stand near the table which had all her books out ready with signs saying Paige Toon book signing today 11am - 1pm. I also needed one more book to the collection of Paige Toon's book was Johnny Be Good so off I went and purchased and then stood waiting for 2 hours...

We had a eager 2 hour wait in the queue ready, I had plenty of reading in that time (The Perfect Retreat by Kate Foster hehe!) come 10am I was too excited to see Paige, time just went very slow but there was a good queue of girlies excited just like me. About 10.50am we saw a sneak peak of Paige arriving with her husband which got us all very happy knowing it would soon be time!

The best part was that when she came out, she actually recognized me which made me happy so much, even gave me a hug which I loved that Paige was just so down to earth. I had messaged her in the morning saying I didn't know what to have signed on my book either To Abbey or To Miss Bookworm Reviews so we had a little giggle about that before she started hehe!

I had two books so had one signed To Abbey & one To Miss Bookworm Reviews hehe. It was just so amazing that my first ever book signing I went to was to see the ever so lovely Paige Toon who is a fabulous writer and I loved every single book that she has published and will more than likely enjoy in years to come! Paige is so down to earth, she interacts so brilliant with readers and isn't stuck up at all.

Here is some pictures of the time I had speaking with Paige...

 Talking about that she had just been to the Disney shop before coming here looking for some toys for her little kids.( So cute!)


Told Paige I have been recommending her books to everyone I work with and that they are all truly amazing :) she was extremely touched by that. 
Book Signature timee!!


The best day & picture ever in which I received another hug when I was going!! Paige Toon is truly a lovely author who is so down to earth and polite that no wonder readers are so loyal! I cannot wait for more of Paige's book in future & I can treasure these books signed for years to come!!


  1. Looks like an amazing day.
    By the way, I've nominated you for an award

  2. Only just seen this Ab. Fabulous :) I'm just about to start The Long Holiday! Well jel x