Friday, 26 July 2013

100th Book Post: Book Review: SUNLOUNGER by Belinda Jones Travel Club

Author: Belinda Jones Travel Club
Publisher: Notting Hill Press
Publication Date: 1st July 2013

Take a trip around the world with 44 of the hottest writers in Women's Fiction!

This collection of sun-kissed short stories will have you boarding a millionaire's yacht in St Tropez, exploring a sheik's palace in Dubai, swimming with dolphins in Australia, partying in Ibiza, surfing in Hawaii, exploring ancient ruins in Turkey and Cambodia and sipping Limoncello in Italy! 

Whether you read it on your favourite beach (Sunlounger features golden sands from Greece to Thailand) or on your daily commute or coffee break you will be spirited away on a variety of adventures - some will make you chuckle, some will make your heart pang, others will inspire you to live your life to the max!

Sunlounger has a matching website: which features an author page for each of the 44 fab writers involved:

Katie Agnew, Valerie-Anne Baglietto, Rosie Blake, Alexandra Brown, Laurey Buckland, Abby Clements, Miranda Dickinson, Carrie Duffy, Ilana Fox, Victoria Fox, Emma Garcia, Michele Gorman, Kirsty Greenwood, Kate Guest, Kate Harrison, Lisa Heidke, Molly Hopkins, Pernille Hughes, Margaret James, Belinda Jones, Lucy Lord, Chrissie Manby, Louise Marley, Holly Martin, Nigel May, Martel Maxwell, Roisin Meaney, Kiri Mills, Nicola Moriarty, Tamsyn Murray, Emily O'Neill, Lynda Page, Carmen Reid, Wendy Rigg, Lucy Robinson, Talli Roland, Ruth Saberton, Nancy Scrofano, Cally Taylor, Sasha Wagstaff, Anna-Lou Weatherley, Julia Williams, Lara Williamson, Tiffany Wright

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I have been waiting sooo long for this to come out! Iv been so eager excited for months when Belinda and her travel club team announced they were publishing a collection of short stories with lots of ever so lovely authors and some competition winners too!

I just loved every single story, you travel from Australia, Italy, Greece, Barcelona, Ibiza..Everywhere. Plenty of places you can visit without even being there because you can just picture yourself there while reading the stories. The best thing about these stories is you can read and stop when you feel like it and not need worry that your lost in a chapter and have to start again.

All of the stories to me were written beautifully and It was so hard for me to choose which story I loved the most because To be honest they are very loved by me! I enjoyed travelling from different countries and sight seeing in my mind while reading and following each character.

It is one hell of a super short stories collection perfect for this summer!! A must read for sure! Belinda Jones & her team are a pure gems for creating the ideas for all of this and making it fabulous as they certainly have.

Go Grab your copies now! It is a perfect summer read price at
99p RIGHT NOW!!!

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