Monday, 18 August 2014

Caz's review of "The longest holiday" by Paige Toon

The longest holiday by Paige Toon

wow is all I can say about this book. I've read most of paige toons books and not one has disappointed me yet and I doubt ever will. This book is about a married couple called laura and matthew. Matthew makes a terrible mistake that jeopardises their marriage. so laura goes on holiday with her friends marty and bridget.(they were funny characters throughout the book)

Whilst in America laura meets a american guy called leo and she falls for him. Whilst matthew is trying his best to get laura home. laura stays! well for 3 months and a tragedy strikes whilst back home in england. Throughout the book leo doesnt sound like he is keen on laura which I just wanted to scream at him despite matthew at home in england.

I wont spoil the story for everyone thats why this review is a short one as I would give too much away to people who haven't read this book and thats not fair however i loved every single character in this book even tessa (you'll know who she is when you've read the book!). could not put it down what so ever. really would like a sequel to this book. Again another ***** from me :-)


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