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Life & Death of Lily Drake by T.Michelle Nelson

Title: Life & Death of Lily Drake
Author: T.Michelle Nelson
Publication Date: October 2012
Publisher: InkSpell Publishing

For Lily Drake, slaying vampires is easy. . .Dating them is the hard part.

Lily Drake is your everyday hard-working single mom. . .until a gorgeous vampire shows up on her front door who she mistakenly assumes is her blind date for the evening. As one crazy scenario after another unfolds, Lily finds herself falling in love with two vampires, slaying the evil ones, and being prophesied as the savior of the entire undead race.
Deciding between pizza and Chinese take-out will no longer be one of the hard decisions facing Lily Drake once she is emerged into vampire society. Humanity or immortality? That doesn't hold a candle against this question - which of the two handsome vampire cousins?

The Life and Death of Lily Drake is not your typical vampire love story, Its a tale about the humorous   mistakes a woman simply makes trying to survive not only life, but the dating scene. How will Lily manage working full-time, taking care of her young son and fighting the undead at every turn?

Lily will have to figure it out, but who better to save the world than a mom?
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First of all, Why haven't I heard this book before or even this author? I adored this book very much, I thank Sharon Goodwin for asking me to be part of Till death do us part book 2 of Lily Drake series and I thought I best read this book first, I am so glad I did. T.Michelle certainly knew how to get her readers hooked with this book.

So we meet Lily Drake is your every day working single mum with a young son Keaton who she protects with her life and when her best friend Angie persuades her to go out dating again, when Lily is meant to be picked up by her date "Terry" a sexy handsome vampire turns up at the door Mathias or Lily thinks he is Terry, however has a lovely date but then everything goes blank, but soon Mathias and his cousin Valentine or aka Val are both in Lily's life and persuading her to be a vampire as she has the genes and everything but Lily doesn't want to leave her son Keaton behind.
who will choose will it be the ever so protective Mathias or will it be the lady's man Val? Lets hope she picks the best vampire and doesn't get her pretty little heart broken.

This book had me hooked from the first chapter and I was always intrigued with what was going to happen next and even had me giggling along with Lily & Val scenes. It is not your typical vampire love story but it is one you will still enjoy even more.
I can't wait for book 2 already tehe! A must read!

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