Sunday, 11 November 2012

IOU By Helen Warner

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Step into the lives of three very different women...

Amy, the Princess who's about to see her fairy tale brought to an abrupt end...

Kate, the would-be adulterer

Jennifer, the widow with a secret.

Old debts and new temptations... Find out just who will pay up in this warm and wise new novel .

When Helen's first book Rsvp came out and I enjoyed that very much, I knew I wasn't going to be dissappointed in this new book.

It starts off with someone sat on a doorstep with an envelope ready to open it to see the letter...and you start wondering whos sat there? whats the letter about? however you will only find out at the end who it was sat there.
I really did love this book though, We meet Amy and Kate who are sister and Jennifer their mum who is a widow due to their father Michael died.

Amy has a charming and exciting life who shops till she drops and lunches out while her nanny is looking after their children. Until her world comes crashing down when her husband Ben's business collapses over night and with Amy not having a job, she must get out there and find one and help keep her family together... 

Kate is just a normal lass who does struggle in life with her husband Miles and two children even though she loves them lots, but her life is rocked when she has an accident and the wonderful Jack comes crashing into her life after rescu
ing her..

Jennifer is getting over heartbreak from losing her husband Michael and she does however get in touch with an old flame Hugh unlocking a dangerous pandora's box and finding out answers from her past whether she wants to know or not. 

With this story I loved all the characters, there was such a nice mix and it wasn't chaos trying to remember all the  names, you could easily follow and the chapters flowed very nicely.
With all their problems and heartbreaks it was lovely to see that they all soon got involved in each others lifes again and were brought closer together which was wonderful to see.

If your after a nice light hearted read, I highly recommend this book! You will enjoy this I promise.

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